Helsinki Haiku


Boy, am I tired. After a successful gig last night in Helsinki, I went out for drinks at the local rock bar run by some friends / occasional colleagues. Turns out, there was quite a bit happening in Helsinki this weekend as a lot of my German friends in the music biz (label execs and journalists) were in town for a listening party for some well-known Finnish artists. Also turns out, they all ended up at the same bar. Needless to say, shots were had. Followed by more, and then 8 more. There’s a fairly high chance I am still slightly inebriated.

Anyhoo, back in Sverige now, and it’s Saturday. So that means, it’s time for Holy Haikus, He-Man!

As the events of yesterday were about the most excitement I’ve had all week, and it was the coldest temperatures throughout Scandinavia so far this winter (it’s been incredibly mild), this is the haiku that best sums up my week.

Please note, all temperatures are in Celsius. My friend Google can assist you in conversions if needed.

Helsinki, Finland

It was minus twelve degrees

My nipples fell off




I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of Holy Haiku’s, He-Man! Feel free to check out last week’s initiation entry, Hot Dog Haiku.

And finally, please remember today is the last day of voting for the first ever Tuesday: Picture Poll! The winning photo will be featured in my first attempt at flash fiction to be posted tomorrow in Sunday: Smoke-Long Stories of The Picture Poll. Mummin Boobin’ is currently ahead by only one vote. If you haven’t voted for your favorite photo yet, I honestly don’t know what the hell you’re waiting for. A written invitation?

Dear you,

You’re invited to vote. Go now.

No. Now.




8 responses to “Helsinki Haiku

      • The curse of being a woman in a man’s body and always wanting comfort food? Thanks for the virtual JD and smokes; they are helping loads.

      • Runs off to make some grilled cheese sandwiches for you and Ana, and some chocolate grits for me. Can we do this as a 3 some over candles? For me? -.- I am not being dirty minded with that. -.-

      • I am always down for a food threesome. Especially when it involves something called chocolate grits…. (wtf?). My dude, Mr.P, is making some chocolate chip cookies now. So I have dessert covered… unless chocolate grits are dessert? I’m from NJ. I’m very confused right now.

  1. LMAO! It’s a popular food item for breakfasts in the south of the US where I am from. Here’s a wikia page on the grits:
    Now just add a heaping (I love chocolate more than my wife!) couple of spoonfuls of chocolate milk powder and a couple small spoonfuls of sugar and you have chocolate grits. x)

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