Meet The Sass.

Oh hi.

Allow me to introduce myself to you. In the beauty of anonymity, you can call me E. I am approaching the tail end of my third decade on this planet. That’s the end of my thirties, for those mathematically and / or word definition challenged. I like to use words much bigger than “decades” so if you were confused by that one, you may want to have a dictionary near by for future readings. There will likely not be too much math though, so you should be safe there. On second thought, maybe have a calculator near by just in case.

I decided that my late thirties would be a good time to take up rapier sword fighting, and as a grown up, if I choose to eat chocolate for dinner and chase it down with a shot of Fireball, I am allowed to, just like I’ve always dreamed. I’m loyal and that usually ends up being my downfall, but it’s a fault I’ll keep anyway. I’m told you have to spend money to make money. I spend a lot of money, but have yet to make money doing that.  I will keep the dream alive, though and keep reaching for the stars.

Wow, you’re still reading this?

Hmmm….ok…what else….

I have no pets, no kids and no mortgage. These are fine for some, but I prefer minimal responsibility when it comes to another living creature’s codependency on my lack of adulthood or steady finances. My job takes me all over the globe and I currently call Stockholm, Sweden home.

I’m sorry to disappoint some of you, but I hail from New Jersey. Yeah, I know. It’s not my fault though. Those from the Garden State know the importance of clarifying what direction you are from, so with that said, Exit 3. I grew up 10 minutes from Philly and because of that, have been graced with an attitude that most sports fans loathe, and I’m ok with that. It’s really not as bad as everyone thinks it is. With that said, I feel it only fair to warn you that I will slash your tires and eat your dog if you don’t like the Flyers 😀

My goal here is to make a million Euros. Plain and simple. Although I’d happily accept US$, but preferably not Swedish Kronor as that’s not like being a real  millionaire. Would a startup fund be an easier way to accomplish this? Very likely. But let’s see what I can do….

Feel free to read The Deal With the Blog, located at two convenient locations near you. Under “Synopsis” in the menu bar above, and always (get that dictionary) loitering in the right column right above my Gravitar where there is yet another description of me. You know…just in case you’re reading and suddenly forget where you are, who I am and what you’re doing here. As for how you got here, I can only assume you’re drunk.

Here’s some pictures.



39 responses to “Meet The Sass.

  1. Great post… I love your writing style! Found you through the “Zero to Hero” challenge and look forward to checking back frequently throughout 🙂
    ~ julianeashley (

    • Thanks, Juliane! I’ve had the blog for close to a year now, but have been inactive for 9 months of that. The Zero to Hero Challenge is definitely giving me the kick in the pants that I need and I now have 8 different topics ready to write about. I hope to see you back here often! On my way over to your page now 🙂

  2. Wait? What? I have to like sports? Ugh. Maybe when the professional athlete is willing to work for their pay and put the fans in the stands will I like professional sports.You would have a few hours drive from Sweden to Zagreb to come slash my tires, but you’re welcome to do it. Mind you; slashing tires will land you in jail if caught; and swords/knives can be traced. I prefer the pebble and golf ball myself. I hope to keep reading your next decades meanderings.

    • No, don’t worry, Ley. You don’t have to like sports, but if you do, you just can’t like any hockey team other than the Flyers. Your tires are safe, but with that said, I’m in Zagreb once a year on average for work, so if you happen to develop a love of hockey and choose a team other than the Philadelphia Flyers, you should know I have un untraceable rapier, at my disposal. 😀 Let’s go Flyers!

    • Awwww 🙂 Thanks for stopping by,Tasha! You have instantly won your way to my heart through compliments and anticipation. You are very welcome here.

      Pour yourself a glass of vodka and hang out as long as you want. We offer free popcorn refills straight out of your microwave.

    • I like you Edward…most people assume I mean some sort of activity involving skill. You get me though…you know that the only true fencing, is that of chain links, pickets, and my personal favorite, barbed wire.

    • Yay! I welcome fellow sassy, sarcastic folks from all walks of life to get their daily dose. Oh, also, there’s free popcorn refills, straight from your microwave, so don’t be shy 🙂

      • Oh yum, I haz to haz popcorn! LOL Great to meet you here in the blog o’sphere and look forward to more of your sarcastic humor!

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  5. Also Love your writing style! Fencer?!

    I want to see pictures of shoes, have you got any of those, and what books are those there on the bench eh?

    *Grabs thesaurus and dictionary as advised*

    • Awww shucks, thanks. I can never tell when people mean that or if they’re afraid I will kill them once they find out I have swords.
      Either way, I’m cool with it.
      I have many photos of many shoes all over the place. For example in my header above and gravatar to your right.
      I see your point though. I likely need to buy more shoes.
      Over in the books section, we’ve got some Tina Fey, Jo Nesbø, various sword wielding manuals,and likely a Christofer Moore book or two.

      • We can NEVER have too many pairs of shoes, right?

        I recently established a sad movie list to get through – based on recommendations of my blogging pals… (I got over 75 suggestions and it will probably take me 3 years to get through them all as life keeps stealing me away)

        I’m going through the same process with books, I’ve never heard of Christofer Moore, so I’ll go Google hunting to find out it I’d be interested!


      • Don’t bother with Christofer Moore f you don’t like laughing and/or B-horror flicks.

        As soon as I’m done replying to your comments, I will be heading over to your little piece of Planet Blog to explore more than I’ve had the chance to.

      • I love laughing, hate Horror Flicks.. lol Can I find a happy medium with Christopher? Probably not.. lol…

        No pressure re my blog. I usually post about once a month and then life steals me away! Also I’m long winded and might give you cork eye!

      • Ummm…have you read my blog? Long winded is what brought me to your blog and kept me there.. I can relate and run-on-sentences and other things and stuff, too.

        These are B-Horror flicks references a la Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Guaranteed to please. Very sarcastic, very tongue in cheek, very black humor.

  6. Nicely, nicely done, that monologue.

    I took foil fencing as a recreation elective in college. Later, I and a friend of mine got our own equipment along with some off-hand fencing weapons and a couple of books on renaissance sword fighting. All through my 20s and early 30s, I fenced at least a couple of times a week, and I must say it is the best sport I’ve ever played.

    I enjoy big words, and I have a calculator, ;-).

    Not drunk, exactly, but possibly a little tipsy.

    • Why thank you, kind Sir. It sounds like you may have inadvertently been participating in HEMA (search it in my blog or on the WWW).

      It is so much fun and a feat of both mind and body and if you get it, you should explore it further, no matter the distance in your training.

      Also, hooray for big words and calculators and your participation in the crazy Playground land 🙂 Welcome!

  7. 🙂 I will look up HEMA, and I would love to explore it further. The first rule for me is “never fight with your off-hand empty.” A rolled-up newspaper or a jacket wrapped around your arm is better than nothing. I am a passable sword-and-cloak fighter.

    Thanks for the welcome! I will be back, for sure.

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