Sizing up the Competition… errr… I mean checking out the neighborhood.

Day 4 already, of my Zero to Hero Quest.

I put on a cape today to help prepare myself for when my super powers kick in. It didn’t look that good with my Philadelphia Flyers pajamas pants, but once I put on my purple sparkle disco pants, you better believe I owned it. With my cape flowing behind me due to the super charged, over sized fan I ran for the desired effect, I let my fingers do the walking over to my newest challenge. It didn’t take long for me to realize that not much would be accomplished with the super fan blowing in my face. As I wiped the wind tears away, I decided to accept this mission and then proceeded to blow up my computer in the microwave so that no one else would know what I was up to until I was good and ready to let everyone know what I was up to.


Don’t worry. No computers were harmed in the making of this blog. It’s called poetic license for dramatic effect. And also, as if I’d have such an old Macbook Pro. Pffff….Please.

Explore the Neighborhood, was what I was told to do. Find 5 new blogs to follow via the “Reader” section of WordPress. Truth be told, I do this every day. How else will I know who is trying to outwrite me, outwit me, outdrink me, outdress me (although good luck topping the purple sparkle disco pants and cape look) or outsmart me? How else will I know who I can connect with on this giant ball of weirdos? How, pray tell, am I to know who will be on my zombie apocalypse team, if not by reading what the fine folks in WordPress land are spewing?  I am in constant search of other witty, cynical, sarcastic, satirical, sassy, smart, snazzy dressers to help make life here on my playground way more interesting and fun.

So you can bet the farm that I am out there…reading, judging, rating…and 100% of the time, admiring the hell out of everyone out there brave enough to speak your minds, post your passions, word vomit all over the blank computer screen and share a piece of your very being with a bunch of strangers. And you know what? I thank each and every one of you for it.

So go forth and write, you freaks.  I have some competition to size up.

13 responses to “Sizing up the Competition… errr… I mean checking out the neighborhood.

  1. Man, I wish I could rock some purple sparkle disco pants. Kudos.

    Random note – you might consider changing the font color of your tagline; it’s a bit hard to read against your background color.

    Blog on!

    • If you believe you can rock the purple sparkle disco pants, they will come.
      Or something like that.
      I’ve been trying to change the color for quite some time, but alas, I am one of those……whatch-ya-call-em…computer illiterates. Thinking of just getting a new theme as this one expires in a couple of weeks anyway. It annoys me to no end that I can’t figure out how to change the color. I guess it’s true.. you can’t have it all. Purple sparkle disco pants rocking capabilities and computer smarts. Thanks for reading, Michelle! 😀

  2. I don’t have a farm. Can I bet the colosseum?? Just kidding I don’t have one of those either, I was just trying to impress. All I have is a one room bungalow with no back door. But I’d bet it all for a cape and purple disco pants!

    • I think you can bet someone else’s farm. Yup..pretty sure that’s legal. Colosseums are impressive, but often times demand purchasing a tiger for your gladiators to fight with, which can lead to A LOT of upkeep. I recommend betting someone else’s farm. Chances are they won’t argue if you’re wearing a cape and purple disco pants. I mean, seriously…how could they?

  3. Me? A freak? You bet your bippy. I am that oddball person that is always walking and watching the ground. I have found more than my needed lunch money that way. Those pennies add up man, they really do. You have engaged this reader; I’ll look around and might even follow ya if you are as truly entertaining as you seem to be in those sparkly purple disco pants… did you happen to get them from Arwen by chance? She hasn’t returned mine….

    • I find it difficult to NOT be entertaining in purple sparkly disco pants.

      Pfff…Arwen. Don’t even get me started on her. I totally lent her my rainbow bike tassels from my sweet big wheel and she never returned them.

      Anyhoo, freaks and loose change gathering lunch buyers are very welcome here and I shall do my very best to keep you engaged and entertained. Feel free to put your farm in the betting pool if you’re feeling lucky.

      • I don’t have a farm, or any property that matters, but I will toss in some very worn out comfy as all hell size 44 (European sizing) shoes to buy later when you get rich like 6 months ago (yes I was reading some of your other posts that seemed to be from middle of last year, loved that getten one, genius). was looking for a contact form; but I guess you don’t have one or I need better glasses. Don’t want to play the necromancer on any other posts; that’s a taboo for me… Just curious though, which band?

      • What kind of shoes are we talking here? Yes, becoming a millionaire has always been the goal. So far, I’ve only spent money, but I’m confident if I keep that up, I will soon become a millionaire. I read somewhere that you have to spend money to make money, so my theory is, if I keep spending, I’ll be rich in no time.
        I’m not sure which one “the getten one” is, but give me a hint and I am happy to give you more insight. I tour with bands for a living, so which band, will refer to which blog. As the blogs only really embarrass myself, and humanity, I ‘m sure the bands won’t mind if I reveal.

      • Oh and also, check the left sidebar widget thingie area. There’s a space specifically allocated for people who toss and turn at night at the thought of not being able to email me.

      • Ahh, of course! How could I forget my old pal whose lack of basic spelling skills search led me to realize that I had finally made it. My ass is getten cooked. As you mentioned, it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged (until recently, and obviously why I am not a millionaire yet, despite all of my spending money tactics). I actually have another blog but I think I’ve linked everything from there to here. Alas, I’ve neglected that real estate as well.***Stepping on to soap box and clearing throat*** I vow to make it up to my blogs, and blogs all over the planet, the delinquency I have shown thee!

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