Freak Show Windows

This week’s Photo Challenge was Window. I have two very different takes on this. The first, is inside looking out.


As I travel often for work, I often spend a lot of time looking through windows. This was taken from the back of the tour bus (where the freak show is) on my last tour, while looking out of the emergency exit window located in the roof of the bus. We’d been driving for a while, I remember, and this was the first sign of some sort of civilization I had seen after hours of nothing but sky.  To be perfectly honest, I can’t remember which civilization this was, which is sadly, often the case on the road. When you’re in a different country every day, you’re lucky to even remember what day of the week it is, let alone where you are. If anyone recognizes this building, feel free to put me in my place and I shall send cookies to you post-haste for being a know it all.

This next photo, is to be interpreted as if from the “creepiest window display of dolls that  I’ve ever seen in my life”‘s perspective.

Seriously…how freaking creepy is this display???


I’m not kidding…go on and click on it, and hover over and zoom in.


This was taken in Helsinki, Finland across the street from my buddy’s apartment building, which you can see in the reflection of the window. All day long these dolls stare at the building…plotting their escape. Waiting for the day they are free from the shop window to massacre everyone in the apartment building that they are faced with every day. Limbs will be ripped off and eaten, eyeballs used as ping-pong balls, teeth pulled from your skull as you scream in terror!

Or possibly, they are planning on completely redoing the exterior brick of the building and replacing it with solar panels to save the planet.

Either way, it’s clear they are up to no good.

I mentioned  two perspectives, however.

The view from the opposite side of these windows of passersby peering into the shop window or sneaking a glimpse through the tour bus windows. They’re perspective is one into the freak show.

And that concludes my submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

18 responses to “Freak Show Windows

    • I know! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go in. I’ll actually be in Helsinki again this weekend, but just a quick in and out for work, so I don’t think I’ll have time this trip either, which sucks. I’d LOOOVE to get a photo with the store owner. Actually meet the person who sells these dolls, that were clearly developed in the seventh realm of hell by a demon child, and proudly stuffs his or her shop window full of them. I feel like we would get along.

      • haha…Right?! I’m so intrigued by this entire display. Cool photo, cool find. Jealous that you’ll get to go back and discover what that’s really about-you must update us!

      • I definitely will, but it may take until the next trip. On a pretty tight schedule this time. But the good new is, there’s a lot of weird things to look at in Helsinki. Vodka is their national beverage, and they love it, so it’s likely I’ll come across another gem.

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    • Right? I kind of love it. I’m back in Helsinki today for work. Leave tomorrow afternoon and it is Incredibly tempting to take a cab over there and get a proper peek inside.

      • I think you should! I now just have this image of dolls coming out of the walls and ceiling, and maybe a pathway lined with their accessories…or limbs.

      • :-O I LOVE THAT scenario. I didn’t make it, but that’s how I will picture it. Not bad, claidig…quite dark and minority terrifying 😀

      • I’m a playwright, it comes with the territory, but thank you 🙂 I’ll be disappointed if that isn’t what the interior actually looks like, though…

      • Yeah, me too…now. Maybe I’ll add that picture to my Tuesday:Picture Poll and see if it gets voted on. I’d love to do a flash fiction piece on that one. All scene building credit will be linked over to your page.

      • …maybe I’ve set the bar too high. I’m sure it’ll be awesome whatever the inside looks like!

        Aww, thank you! I look forward to reading it if you do 🙂

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