Tuesday Picture Poll: Jan-14- 2014

It’s finally here. The moment you’ve been waiting for since you either A.) Clicked on this post that you’re currently reading, or B.) Read about it in the post I posted one minute ago here. I recommend taking the 90 seconds to read that post so you’re up to speed with the rest of the class.

No? Oh, you’re too good to play catch up? Suit yourself, but by not reading it, it’s quite possible a kitten will die. I wouldn’t want that on my conscience.

What the hell am I on about? The newest addition that the voices in my brain have told me to create. Ladies, gentleman and kittens who are still with us, I present:  Tuesday: Picture Poll! 

In brief, every Tuesday, I will post three photographs, that I have taken myself, for you to choose from. Take a minute to make your decision and then vote. Voting will go on all week. Whichever photo has the most votes, will be the feature of that week’s Sunday: Smoke-Long Stories of the Picture Poll, so be sure to check back the Sunday after you vote to see if your photo won, or simply, for what will hopefully be, an entertaining read. Smoke-Long Stories of the Picture Poll are my attempt at flash fiction, based on what you’d like to hear a story on.

Right, enough chit-chat. Here are this weeks nominees, based on the information provided in that last post you should have read or else a kitten likely died. Don’t forget to vote at the end!!!!



“Tea Party”


“Mummin Boobin”



14 responses to “Tuesday Picture Poll: Jan-14- 2014

  1. Hunny; you have it wrong. Kittens don’t die for not reading posts. Kittens die when you touch yourself in that feel good way when you shouldn’t. (I am desperately trying to be clean about it ><) But seeing as I am a cat person, I didn't want any kittens to die; I read; liked, and skipped the comments to come running here *pant pant pant*

    • Yes, kittens die for that under rules of strange religious freaks and meme makers. But the CUTEST kittens would die had you not immediately jumped back, read the other post, liked it, came back here real quick, read the post, pointed out that you got my joke reference and the ridiculousness of it all, and voted (you voted, right?), hence saving the life of one of the cute kittens. You did good. Pour yourself a single malt and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

      • I will pour myself a little of one of the 3 men I don’t mind my wife hanging around. Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, or Jose Cuervo. Just have to see which one is in the house right now. But yes; I did indeed save a kitten’s life tonight.

  2. Pfff…child’s play. Get yourself a real whiskey in the form of single malt… some Laphroaig or Bowmore. You saved a kitten today. And one of the cute one’s at that!

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    • It is totally Robot Chicken-esque, and thanks to your comment, I have no come up with a possible different story line if that picture wins. Did you physically participate in the poll below the photo, though?

  4. I voted Moon becasue I can clearly see all the ghosts of the kitties that died hovering in front of it. See not only did I vote I tied the post into the picture into a horror story with ghost kitties idea!

    • Ahhh….well played, Lady Harvey *curtsey*. Your cleverness will bode well when visiting here :-D.

      Again, thanks to your comment, I now have another idea of how to take the story if this photo should win. Thank you so much, because actually, that’s the one I’ve been having the hardest time coming up with something good for!

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