Of course! Audience Participation.

I’ve been wracking my brain. At first, the torture was a little less intense. It started with a bit of slapping around, followed by some good old-fashioned insulting of my brain’s mom, at which point I was reminded, was likely me. But the brain racking is what did it. And my brain, ladies and gentlemen of The Playground, my brain delivered.

brain rack

Last week, I asked for you to go to my Instagram page and pick out a photo for me to write about. I was going to write one Satirical Sham and one Sincere Story. Well, let’s just say the results were underwhelming.

As I only got feedback from three different people for three different photos, I will now set up a poll for you to vote on which photo you want me to write about out of the three photos  my (now favorite) readers have chosen. This way, you can vote incognito and without anyone judging you on your weirdo taste (mostly, me).


But wait, there’s more.

This will now be a permanent part of The Playground. Every Tuesday, I will set up a poll  for you to vote on one of three photos from my Instagram page, or from my vast photo collection. Something odd and out of the ordinary. There will always be three photos for you to vote on. You will be able to see your choices for the week over at Tuesday: Picture Poll! Why Tuesday? Because people like voting on Tuesdays. It’s just a fact.

On Sunday, I will see which photo has won the poll and write a story about it. You will be able to read all about the winning photo over at Sunday: Smoke-Long Stories of the Picture Poll. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at flash fiction, aka smoke-longs, and this seems like a pretty sweet way to start.

Today, folks, is Tuesday. This means that today will be the first ever Tuesday: Picture Poll! day. I honestly have no idea what you’re still doing here. I would have stopped reading at the first chance to participate in a poll two paragraphs ago.

Audience participation.


2 responses to “Of course! Audience Participation.

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