Feeling Verklemmt


Today, while feeling a little discouraged over the lack of poetry praise to my Hot Dog Haiku, I pondered what I could do next to grab my readers by the proverbial balls. Just then, I received a new comment from one of my faithful readers informing me that she has decided to nominate me for a Liebster Award. Her reason, was my favorite part:

“Just because you make my husband laugh, I thought you deserved this: I nominated you for the Liebster award”

Hey, if making her husband laugh deems me worthy of such an honor, I’ll take it. In my comment back to her, I vowed to strive to also make her laugh one day, which will now be my lifelong mission. So Ana Lynn, watch out because I will stop at nothing to make this mission a reality.

While reading this post, I felt verklemmt, which in German, means feeling emotionally inhibited in a convulsive way, for even be nominated for the Liebster, which in German means beloved or dearest, Award, which in English means award.

**Nothing in that last paragraph made much sense…I just wanted to demonstrate my German skills.

What is true, is that I am honored to be recognized and nominated, and I will go forth and compete with honor and bloodshed…


I mean grace.

Not bloodshed…that would be silly.


So here are the rules:

  • Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
  • Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

So as this is a German word award, I shall follow the rules in efficient order.

Ana Lynn whose blog is over  at Ana’s Blogging Adventure, is the person who made this all possible. I hope to make you proud, Ana (and laugh so hard that you pee your pants on more than one occasion)!

Here are the 10 questions Ana has sent my way:

  • What is your favorite memory?

This may be one of the toughest questions. Ever. Honestly, I have so much junk rolling around up there, that it’s hard to focus. There’s too many to pick just one, as all of my good memories are favorites, or else I would likely not remember them. I sometimes remember parts of an evening, not necessarily the events leading to the relevant memory.

Wait.. I think I’ve got one.

Yes… I do, so here is one of them.

My friend Stacey and I were in NYC for one of our weekend adventures. It was BRUTALLY cold as we got hit the day before with some snow and ice and a serious cold front from somewhere cold (sorry I can’t be more specific. I forgot to go to meteorologist school). We were having a fantastic evening so far. I can’t remember what we did before this point in the story, but it must have been good because we ended up one of our favorite little place called Jones’ Bar. This time, we were with a few of the guys from a well-known NYC band who frequented there, and Stacey’s boyfriend at the time, who also happens to be her husband now, who was working with aforementioned band. After some drinks, we decided to call it a night and headed out to her car. Mike followed us out so he could say good-bye to her before we took off back to NJ/Philly, respectively. At the time, Mike and I were both smokers and fell behind a bit to finish our cigarettes as Stacey went ahead to get the heat in the car running. I saw her open the driver’s side door and then disappear, so I assumed she went in the car. As we approached, I tried to open the car door but it was locked. I yelled out, “Stacey, come on, it’s freezing out here!” All I heard in reply was a super weak, “Hello?” Mike and I looked at each other confused. I called out, “Where are you?” and I just barely heard her say, “Down here.” It was so cold out. “Where? Come on stop messing around, we’re freezing.” Again, she replied, “I’m down here”, and then, laughter. We walked around to the other side of the car. There was Stacey, lying on the ground, cracking up. She had slipped and fallen on some black ice and was just lying there because every time she tried to get up, she slipped and fell again, as she demonstrated to us. I couldn’t breath I was laughing so hard. That’s one of my favorite memories.

  • Name a song that describes you, or that you can relate to?

Pfff, again a tough one. Different periods in life, produce different songs you can relate to. Currently, I would have to say “Stonehenge” from Norwegian artists Ylvis, simply because I have also been plagued by the same questions.

  • If you could take just one book with you to a desert island, which book would you take, and why?

As only a partial fan of hypotheticals, when it suits my needs, I will take this in a literal sense. I hate sailing and swimming. I’m not a fan of beaches, or open water in general. Further, I have about 73 books on my shelf, all of which I have started and never finished. I imagine the book that I would have with me would be, “Sailing for Dummies”, which would not necessarily be the book I would choose to have with me on a desert island, but maybe if I had finished reading “Sailing for Dummies” in the first place, I wouldn’t be on the desert island. I would hope I would also have my copy of “Bossy Pants” from Tina Fey, as it is hilarious.

  •  List your biggest flaw and your best quality

These are actually the same thing in my case. Loyalty.

  • If you could travel back in time; which era would you chose and why?

Late 18th century America, so I could preach the word of how important socialized health care is and make failing to separate church and state punishable by stoning to the genitals in the Constitution. Oh, also tweak the Right to Bear Arms clause to only be valid until the year 1900.

  • Imagine you could trade places with one person (living or dead, real or fictional, famous or not) for a whole day. Who would that person be and why?

Who is Johnny Depp sleeping with these days? I would be that girl. I think it’s pretty obvious why.

  • What is the one thing nobody knows about you?

I’m pretty much an open book, so to say “nobody” knows this about me would be wrong, but a little known fact: I love..I mean freaking LOVE musicals. When I get drunk and come home to an empty apartment, I will stay up singing soundtracks to my favorite musicals all night long.

  •  What is your worst fear?

My five biggest fears are spiders, bees, drowning and all form of contact with sea life and being on fire. With that said, a worst case scenario for me would be tripping over a spiders nest and having them crawl out all over me, and due to freaking out, run directly into a bee’s nest, trip over a random flame thrower lying on the ground therefore catching fire, and as a result, jumping into a lake to put out the fire, only to be attacked by piranhas and jellyfish, causing me to drown.

  • If they were to make a movie out of your life, who would play the leading role?

Kristen Wiig, preferably. My second choice would be Morgan Freeman.

  • What is that one dream you hope to make a reality?

Duh… what I’ve always said since day one of the blog. To become a millionaire from blogging. That failing, to have finally found some stability in the part I play in the music business by 2015.

And now, the nominees are:

My very first nomination is for one of my best friends, and author of The German Perspective. We started blogging at the same time and I feel it only fair that we are both honored with this at the same time. Plus, her blog is brilliant!

The rest of the nominees in no particular order:

Gruesome Views

Lisa’s Kansa Muse

My Little Avalon

Anecdote Love

The Convoluted Menagerie

A Taswegian in Finland

Vernette Outloud


Good Old Raisins and Peanuts

If you weren’t chosen, it’s simply because you had more than 200 followers or I couldn’t tell if you had more than 200 followers. If you were chosen, your blogs lend a laugh, an insight, or a lesson to my day, so thanks for that.

And now, the 10 questions for YOU:

1.) Without looking, what are the first three things that you can think of that I would find in your refrigerator if I took a peek?

2.) Whose bath water (besides mine) would you drink?

3.) What is at the top of your bucket list?

4.) Why have you not done that thing that is on the top of your bucket list yet? No..seriously..what’s stopping you?

5.) Boxers or briefs?

6.) A genie pops out of the lantern and grants you one wishes, and tells you that you cannot wish for more wish, because it is unoriginal and everybody does that. You also can’t wish for world peace because it messes up my next question. What is your wish?

7.) What would be your first step in achieving world peace?

8.) If you were arrested, who would your one phone call be to and why?

9.) What is your biggest regret in life?

10.) Star Wars or Star Trek? (Nerd rules stand… you have to and can only choose one.)

liebster award

Good luck to us all. If I do win, I must warn you, I have a pretty sweet acceptance speech prepared.

11 responses to “Feeling Verklemmt

  1. Wohoo! Thanks for nominating me, E. – I think this is indeed the first time I’ve ever been nominated for an award! I will get into my part of this tomorrow and will probably be awake all night thinking of answers 🙂

  2. Hahaha, your post elicited quite a few strange looks from my mother sitting in the same room as me, a raised eyebrow and a question: “Have you lost your mind or something? What in the world is so funny?”

    • Sweet! But the question remains…was it pee your pants funny? I mean it’s one thing for your mother to think you’ve lost your mind, and I’m happy I could erect such a response, but until you pee your pants from laughter, I shall not give up.

  3. The last time I peed my pants while laughing was when my husband in one of his rare moments of being in exceptionally good mood tickled with…. a glow stick.

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