Hot Dog Haiku

You will all be pleased to know that I am back in business. Phones and computer like devices are all charged and fully capable of obnoxious posting on the www. Confused because of this? Check out yesterday’s post about Dog the Bounty Hunter and my cape. Confused due to every day events and society as a whole? Yeah, me too.

Today’s Zero to Hero Challenge, encouraged us to play with widgets. At first I thought it said play with midgets and I was really shocked…and then excited…and then realized I don’t really know any midgets, so that made me sad. I then pondered if “midgets” was deemed politically correct of not, and well, here we are.

I love widgets. I really do. With that said, I am quite content with the widgets I have, but in the spirit of the challenge, I added a Search Bar. I also added a new menu, which will likely be Day 11’s challenge, but we’ll tackle that when the time comes.

The new menu, you may have noticed, is in the left hand column. So far there is only one menu item, and that is: Saturday: Holy Haikus, He-Man.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 08.07.28

This will now be a permanent part of The Playground. Every Saturday, you will receive a haiku of something very relevant to me at the moment or for that week.  In Japanese, a haiku is a poem that follows a simple, 5-7-5 syllable rule to correspond to each line.

We were also encouraged to keep our post under 400 words., hence the haiku inspiration.

Today, I am doing one of my infamously really weird jobs. I’m running a hot dog stand in Sundsvall, Sweden with a friend of mine at a sold out concert for a  popular Swedish band.  We both work for the same (very big) music business company and this is about the furthest thing from our job description, but what the hell, right? Money is money.

With that said, here is the very first installment of “Saturday: Holy Haikus, He-Man”.

The Hot Dog Haiku

Hot dogs are korv here

Today I am selling them

A girl’s gotta eat.

korv stand

10 responses to “Hot Dog Haiku

    • As a fellow expat yourself, you know tipping, for however sexy it is, is not customary in Europe and Sweden is no exception, unfortunately. We made about 120 sek in tips,100 sek of which was from two women who didn’t want to wait in the coat check line so gave us 100 sek to hold their coats. So roughly $10 each.

    • I had resolved to attempt to eat less processed meats this year, but there were so many leftover hot dogs, I felt it was my duty to eat four of them at the end of the night, for the sake of the starving children worldwide. They would have wanted it that way. Just trying to be a productive part of society. No need to thank me.

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