Sorry, I can’t answer your call right now. Dog the Bounty Hunter Might be calling.

Crap, you guys… seriously. Crap.

I’m currently in Sundsvall, which we all know is in Sweden (pronounced Sweden), on a business trip with no wifi. The only way for me to get on the super-duper-sweet-avoid-face-to-face-public-interactions-with-real-life-humans-at-all-costs situation avoider, the world wide web, is via my phone.

Here’s the thing though… I only have minimal battery left for today’s mission. Today’s Zero to Hero challenge, is asking us to find 5 more blogs to follow. I love following blogs. I follow at least 5 new blogs a day, which is ironically, today’s task, but I simply do not have the battery power to take this on right now. What little power I have, needs to be saved in case I see a fugitive and need to contact Dog the Bounty Hunter. It could happen.

This is a life altering bummer, as I totally rock the hell out of my cape, which would just be silly to wear on a daily basis as a normal person, but once I gain my hero status, it would be silly NOT to wear a cape every day. I wouldn’t feel good wearing that cape without completing all 30 days worth of challenges.


I don’t feel like these people earned their capes. Oh, and also, my cape is sooooo much cooler than these. Ok, these aren’t super hero capes, but my battery is about to die!

I’m sure you see the dilemma.

So with that said, I am asking the fine, funny folks of blogland to check out my blog… give me a like or a follow, should I be rendered laugh worthy in your eyes, and I will return the favor once battery capabilities are restored and I have time on Sunday to properly judge and laugh at you, I mean with you, with no annoying “plug in your charger” reminders.

I ask that you read this next part in Sir Alec Guinness’s voice:

Remember. The force is with you. Always.

With love,

Super E and Dog the Bounty Hunter

P.S. As anyone who has ever received a text from me will swear in a court of law, I thoroughly blow at typing on my phone so please forgive any typos.

13 responses to “Sorry, I can’t answer your call right now. Dog the Bounty Hunter Might be calling.

  1. it’s awfully stressful when you have little battery left and might need your phone in the near future! good luck, though!

  2. Capes? We get capes when we are done this 30 day blog challenge? *In a Transylvanian accent* Ah Ah Ah! 30! 30 days! Ah ah ah! *thunder cracks, lightening flashes*

    • Muuuuuhahahahha (that was also supposed to be in a Draculaesque accent as well). People from Transylvania, much to my dismay, sound nothing like The Count, who, as far as I am concerned, is the spokesperson for vampires everywhere. When I was last there, they mostly just sounded like Eastern Europeans, which generally sound Polish.
      Now that insulting at least 3, likely 7, different countries, is out of the way, I will spoil your day further and tell you that I thought we were all getting capes, but apparently, we have to buy our own. It’s in the small print at the bottom of the zero to hero challenge. This would have upset me, if I hadn’t already purchased a cape years ago on the off chance that I would one day become a hero… Or James Brown, whichever came first.

      • When I read your words, “When I was last there,” in regards to Transylvania. I will confess, there was a twinge of envy. I’ll get over it.

        As for the capes I understand they can be a tripping hazard. (Be careful in yours)

        So in the end, as long as I finish this challenge I’ll be happy and able to sing along with you, “I feel good!”

      • Respect for working in some James Brown to your reply 😛

        And what are you waiting for? If you want to get your Transylvania on, go get your Transylvania on! Especially once you are the proud owner of a cape. They dig them there.

  3. Didn’t you watch the Incredibles? I mean they explain why you should NOT wear a cape when you are a super Hero. But if you want to join us on the dark side, where we serve cookies daily, and wear the cloaks; we would be happy to have you.

    • I have never seen The Incredibles, but as a soon-to-be zero to hero, I should probably watch it for training purposes. As for The Dark Side, I’m already a member. I was at the meeting last week but I didn’t see you there. Are you bringing cookies next week or is the new Sith Lord on top of that? I haven’t heard back from Palpatine yet.

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