Challenge Accepted (Don’t Miss This One…Seriously)

Right, I am getting that goddamn cape, even if it means I have to do something out of my element…something crazy and wild, and downright ludicrous. The rapper, not the adjective.

No wait.

I meant the adjective, not the rapper.

Today’s Zero to Hero Challenge, which, if you’re just joining us, has been my sole purpose for living for the past 20 days, has challenged me to publish a post in a “new to you format”.

It offered these suggestions:

You can also interpret take this assignment more broadly, and just try something new. Write a poem. Try some short fiction. Give phoneography a try.

Check, Check, and huh? I don’t have time to look up words…not when my beautiful cape is on the line.

So here it is folks.

I’ve never given you a quote, and I will now give you one in the form of my favorite quote. It’s by a genius by the name of Frank Zappa. If you don’t know who he is, get off my blog.

“There is no hell, there is only France.” Frank-Zappa-006

As an extra bonus, I’m going to do something else I have yet to do. I am going to post an actual picture…of myself… that was taken just now, still in my sweaty fencing clothes, hair gross and bigger than normal from wearing a fencing mask for the better part of one hour. No make up except for my tinted lip gloss because it’s freaking cold in Sweden and lip lubrication is important.

Shut up.

Anyway, savor this moment as it may not happen again.

Photo on 20-01-14 at 21.29


I immediately regret this decision.

But the cape is counting on me.

P.S. Even spellcheck didn’t know what phoneography is.

9 responses to “Challenge Accepted (Don’t Miss This One…Seriously)

  1. Having a Frank Zappa quote made my day – you’re right, he’s one of the greatest geniuses of the late 20th century… Has anybody else been able to combine jazz, contemporary classic and rock with a twist of satire?

  2. Ooo i had to go look up Phoneography. Turns out its taking photos on your phone or other nontraditional devices for photography. Its a new made up word lol.
    Oh and Zappa is amazeballs. 😉

  3. While I may not be up to snuff like a Dancin’ Fool, I much prefer the satire in Tom Lehrer’s Masochistic Tango. But you will definitely get that cape, and Arwen says she may give me my sparkly pants back.

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