Tuesday Picture Poll: Jan-21-2014

It’s finally here. Tuesday.

I think Tuesday is a bit underrated. I mean, everyone hates Monday, as it signifies the beginning of the work week. Wednesday is called Humpday, as it signifies that at the end of the day, you’re over the work week hump. Thursday is the day before Friday so everyone kind of likes Thursday, and Friday is paaaaaar-tay as it starts the weekend. Unless of course, you’re unemployed in which case, weekends are meaningless.

But I like to think I’ve given new life to Tuesday as we begin the second week of Tuesday: Picture Poll! As usual, since last week when I started this, you will have until Sunday morning whenever I wake up to vote on one of the three photos here. Then, on Sunday, I will write a Smoke-Long, or Flash Fiction piece on the winning photo.

Last week Moomin and his pals won the poll. For an idea of what I mean with all of this, feel free to head to that link and have a read. There’s alcohol, nipples AND nudity. To find out the difference or even to find out what the hell I’m going on about, you’ll have to read. It’s cool, don’t worry! There’s no dress code and I heard they don’t even card!

The runner-up photo from the previous week will automatically move over to the following week. Even though you voted for that picture last week, you may be titillated by a different one this week, but at least we give the photo a chance to win a challenge.

So, without further ado….this weeks nominations for this Tuesday, now the best day of the week, Picture Poll are:

(Don’t forget to Vote at the End!!)


The Tea Party

Creepy House

Creepy House

arm in a box

Arm In A Box

12 responses to “Tuesday Picture Poll: Jan-21-2014

  1. As much as I am a fan of the bizarre, I had to vote based on artistic quality for this one. The lonely house is the only one that stirred the imagination at first glance…

    • Then you need to go with that one… It’s not necessarily about the bizarre…it’s about the one that speaks to you. And I can make a bizarre story out of whatever you pick, not to worry. Just read the last one 😀

  2. Arm in a Box… with a hard hat? That’s gotta be summats funny. 🙂 Voted and waiting… 🙂

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