The Deal with the Blog

Well here we are. You’ve been directed to my little corner of the internets (typo intentional, settle down) and you’re wondering what you’re doing here. Kind of like last weekend when you ended up on a boat, that is also a gay nightclub, with nipple tassels on your forehead that were given to you by a guy named Sven when you boasted about your windmill head banging skills and pointed out how only his shiny purple nipple tassels would enhance the experience, right? Thought so.

Well, now that you’re here, pour yourself a frosty IPA and settle in for a whole bunch of nonsense. This blog is about the world that I live in, and I call it like I see it. My playground, if you will. This world is here to experience and I have always tried to do my best through bad decisions and irresponsible actions. Here, you will be told Sincere Stories of borderline unbelievable things that have happened to me on this planet and Satirical Shams that my brain and the voices that live there make up. You’ll see some Snapshots of some cool stuff and crap, and over in Savories, you can learn how to get your inner cook on while hopefully being minority amused or slightly irritated. Either way, mission accomplished. Stuff (and Things) is just that. It contains words and musings about random abominations, life events, news stories, politics and general absurdness, while Significance covers things currently trending on my personal popularity chart.

You’re still here?

Then clearly I’ve peeked your interest. It is also possible you’ve had a mini stroke or some sort of catatonic episode in where you are unable to position your device’s cursor over the “X” to get the hell out of here. Either way, I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship where we are in tune with each other spiritually, so try to signal to me for help using telekinetic means of communication if you have indeed, suffered a medical ailment rendering you unable to click away from The Playground.

As I have yet to receive a psychic 911 call, I can only assume this is now your favorite blog and you’re currently thinking of gifts to shower me with.

22 responses to “The Deal with the Blog

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  3. Any time I feel depressed I’m just going to read your blog, Just split my sides and thanks I need that. You are a legend and a super hero. Cheers

    • Wow! I’ve never been responsible for side splitting. Send me the bill, I guess. I hope my insurance will cover this…

      Also, thank you for the high praises 😀 Flattery will get you absolutely everywhere here. You are very welcome.

  4. I’ll probably be living over in the Savories section for the first few hours I am here. Well known for creating X-Files in the kitchen, I could do with a few lessons.

    I hope we wont need the microwave for a few days, I’ll have to replace the one I dropped on my toe after I tried to steal your croissants.

    • Uh-oh…
      Not too much there I’m afraid, but even though you stole my fake microwave (it was actually just a cardboard box that said “microwave” and “DING!” on it. I use that to confuse would be thieves from stealing my croissants, which would be genius, except I fooled myself and put my croissants in there) I’ll work on bulking that section up now that someone has finally shown some interest.

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