I Got the Mad Skills, Yo.

I’ve been waiting all day for my Lords and Ladies over there at castle Zero To Hero to give me my cape earning mission for today.

But this is one that doesn’t really apply to me.

They asked us to re-visit our Day 19 challenge, which was to post something out of the ordinary to your normal blogging style. I posted a quote, which I had never done here, and a photo of myself where you can actually see my face, and to boot, I was a mess. Curiosity peaked? Fine…go…you can view the spectacle here. Happy??

You see, I have three different lives. My private life, my working life, and my blogging life. This is not to be confused with having three different personalities. My psyche is completely in tact. That unicorn over there just confirmed this for me and told me that he and the luck dragon from The Neverending Story were having beers last night and saying how absolutely stellar my sanity is. I thought that was really sweet. He also said that I was probably going to be elected to be England’s next Prime Minister, so that’ll be exciting.


I have a separate Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts for my work/private life and for this blog, and even on my private Facebook page, I keep work information to a minimum. In my line of work, one must be careful what information is divulged. With that said, there are plenty of pictures floating around of my actual face on there, so posting to my Facebook page, that also lists, “There is no hell, there is only France,” as my favorite quote, that I’ve just posted a picture of myself on my blog wouldn’t shock too many people. Actually it might, because they would likely think I was off my meds and no longer discussing life altering Facebook posts with the unicorn…which would obviously be bad.


I have The Playground Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (just search for my email address if you’re interested) all linked up, synced up, and blinked up (yeah, I don’t know what that last one means…it just felt right) with this here blog, so that when I post, it lets people know I’ve posted and they can come have a gander. (I’m not quite sure at what point in this post I became a Southern Belle, but I apologize and return you to your regularly scheduled Joisey Yank).

I also post to my personal Facebook page when I’ve written something new so I have actually already let others know that I’ve written that blog. So…..ipso facto. Mission done, dusted and caped.

Now that that has been explained to you in far too much depth, I didn’t want to leave you unfulfilled. I decided to check out the 365 Days of Writing Prompts as that’s also something new that I haven’t tried. So now, I will try it and post about it to all of my media outlets. The unicorn just told me he will also leave flyers at that bar he and Falcor hang out at to promote it. I mean, seriously…is this dude rad, or what? (Yup..I said rad. I’m bringing it back).

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick? 

If this question had been presented to me a year ago, I would have said sword fighter,  but I’m pursuing that on my own and will go about that the old-fashioned way of earning it.

I’ve thought long and hard about this question, and then, this video popped into my inbox about an hour ago. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

If I could be a master mistress of any skill in the world, it would be these skills right here.

Never have I seen any one person channel Joey Dimayo, Kip Winger, a yoga instructor, someone pretending to cross their legs, Mick Jagger and every single white dude at every single wedding EVER, while playing bass guitar a la Steve Vai and air keyboards all at the same time.

I bow to your skill, Sir. You are an inspiration to high school graduation party cover bands everywhere and we salute you.

13 responses to “I Got the Mad Skills, Yo.

  1. You got skills. They’re multiplying. Something something…

    It’s electrifying. Say, can you dual wield? Just asking. I won’t think very much less of you if you can’t. I took fencing in college, but (I will maintain forever) I got conjunctivitis two weeks after first donning the provided mask. That was not fun. I dropped it, and never took it again. sigh

    • Oh yes. Sweet use of the Grease soundtrack there. Your missing line there is “And I’m losing control”. Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner as I am certain you lost close to a full night’s sleep, tossing and turning with the image of Travolta’s gyrating pelvic bone in your head, trying desperately to remember the lyric. I just hope I’m not too late.

      Yes, yes I can. Thing is, I’m not fencing with a foil. I’m fencing with a proper, 2.5 kg metal rapier sword and dagger. Conjunctivitis is no joke, and mask sharing is gross. That was the first piece of equipment I bought. All of the fencers in my club are men, who have been using the same masks for no less than 8 years. I literally threw up in my mouth the first time I put on one of their masks and went home that night to order my own.

      • Two lines. The other is ‘of the power you’re supplying’.

        I wasn’t sure of the utility of fencing, plus I was poor, so I didn’t buy a mask. Could you dual wield two rapiers?

    • Pfew! Mission accomplished. I was worried I was being a bit too coherent there for a minute. My mind is at ease, and so is my bladder for some reason.

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to psychoanalyze me, Helen 😀 A psychologist at The Playground is WAAAAY overdue. There’s a lot of crazy people hanging out around here. Good thing I have it so together to keep them in check, but sometimes it’s a little overwhelming.

      And let’s keep those unicorn catchers’ phone numbers handy, because he does have a drinking problem and we may need to have an intervention in the vain of an intense scare tactic. Then we’ll totally bust him out and go on a proper bender. I’m really glad you’re on board with this plan. I feel so much better already.

      Whatever you’re charging people, it’s not enough. I’m going to write to congress for you to get a raise.

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