Damnit to hell. The Rulers of the blogosphere have beamed my mission to blogland, where I dwell, in the form of today’s Zero to Hero Challenge. It has fallen upon me to attend a blogging event and wear a hat there, as is my understanding.

As I look adorable in hats, I first tried on 17 of my finest, only to realize I looked fantastic in all of them, and then, that I was completely out of time. The good news is, I look fabulous in my hat.

You see, I have been working extremely long hours these past couple of days, and today is no different as I work day three for some international superstars who shall remain nameless, but whose name rhymes with Kraftwerk. Thing is, it’s not just one show tonight, but two shows, so my time is a little tight.

I checked out the Blog Event Listings, in between duck faced selfies with my different hats. Wow…it’s a whole other world out there. Dare I coin the term… a “Blogventisphere”. That’s right. You heard it here first. I shall require 8 space dollars if you ever use it. And I’ll know, too. I’ll go from a size zero to super hero in 7 short days, according to the fine print on WordPress’ terms of agreement.

Basically, I don’t just want to jump into an event. I want to pick out the appropriate hat and take my time before I just throw my skills into some event pool. I have the weekend off, so I plan on pulling up a couch and curling up with my trusty Macbook Pro (sponsored by Apple, whose products I love and would like to have for free in exchange for this high traffic plug) and dive into the Blogventisphere.

In the meantime, I don’t want to be accused of not taking this mission seriously, so I’m going to do the Daily Prompt for today, January 23rd, 2013. Feel free to hit the link to learn more.


 Tell us about the slightest schwing you’ve ever sprung?

Although I find this question odd, I’d have to say the time I met Malcolm McDowell at a horror convention in Worcester, MA. He told me he thought I was fascinating and invited me for a drink after the convention. I declined telling him that I had to work the metal show going on next door, but that I was totally flattered. As I had my friend take a photo, he held me really tight and I could have sworn, that he had the slightest schwing that I had ever sprung.





I just re-read that prompt.

It actually said: Tell us about the nicest thing you’ve ever done.


Well, I’d like to think that might have been one of the nicest things I’ve ever done, so my story stands.






33 responses to “Scha-wing!

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  8. did I ever tell you I love how you write?
    Seriously? Dang…..
    Ok, I LOVE how you write, I am a genuine fan
    (And I love Smaftshmerk, but that’s between us mkay)

    • Awwww,,, thank you and so good to have you back! I was wondering if you were able to catch up, as someone who was my biggest supporter last year, and upset when I had writers block for 9 months 😀

      Oh, you like Shmaftshmerk? I have managed to go my entire life never hearing a song until yesterday, when I watched one song in memory of all of my friends who couldn’t be there those nights… not because they are dead, but because the shows were all sold out.

      Anyway, welcome back! 😀

  9. small world, indeed… 🙂 I’ve landed here via Manon Lesko and I’ll try to surf over your playground as often as possible… Have a great weekend and friendly thoughts, Mélanie – Toulouse, France

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