The moment you’ve been waiting for. My Instagram widget.

Today’s Zero to Hero challenge reminded me that I have been meaning to get my Instagram account up and running again. The task today, was to include a new-to-you element. The thing is, I actually did that yesterday by inserting my first ever .gif image. If you missed yesterday’s post, you may now take a moment to indulge yourself here. It’s worth it simply for the .gif image, even if you don’t feel like (sigh)  reading  (sigh). Go on….we’ll wait. 

Oh, good, you’re back.

Anyhoo, as I have already blew it once again by preempting what the challenge would be, I decided to waste tons of time starting a new Instagram account (for some reason my old nickname wasn’t available even though I deleted the account) and re-uploading aaaaaaallll of the pictures I had already Instagramed. Now that my phone feels like it has run a marathon through Phoenix on a steamy July day, all of the pics are up for your viewing pleasure in the left sidebar.

That’s this one over here right2

No wait!!!!!

I meant this one over here. left

Yes… that one.

Anyway, let’s have some fun with this.

I was far too lazy to go back and write all of the captions, and #hashtags and crap for the Instagram pics. So, I want YOU to leave me a comment with which picture you want to hear the story about. There’s a bunch there, so choose wisely.

You may have noticed in my menu, that I have a category called satire&stories. Within there, are also two sub-menus for sincere and sham. I’m hoping that 96.4% of you don’t need an explanation of this, but for those who do, Satire/Sham are stories I have made up, and Sincere/Stories are things that have actually happened to me. I will write both a sham and sincere story about the photo that is most requested and you will need to decide which story belongs in which category. In the event that absolutely no one replies, I will quit blogging. Yeah. I know. SUPER dramatic, right? In the event of a tie, I will write about both. In the event of no clear winner because everyone picked something different (the outcome I am predicting), then I will pick the one I feel will give you the hardest time categorizing.

Capish? Get the (cue the badum-tish) picture?



I double challenged myself today. If you’re up for it, you can check out my contribution to today’s Daily Post here. It’s a RAINBOW of a tale. Also, I don’t know what that means.

21 responses to “The moment you’ve been waiting for. My Instagram widget.

  1. You have my vote being the center far right. The black one with the reddish light in the sky. I foresee alien abductions, and scary tales. But then again, I prefer the night and my favorite color was NOT in your rainbow; but then it isn’t in ROY G. BIV, wouldn’t make sense to have a second B… just saying.

    Now I have to go google instagram and see what that is all about…. ugh I am so far behind in the times.

      • Oh I did click the pictures, otherwise my eyes would hurt from squinting too much. I can see a lot of different stories for each one.

      • ><

        But you don't have names on Instagram for the pics other than numbers, which may be confusing to read and then going back to look for them. Location worked better for me

        I now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging habits.

  2. Wait…. why does Moomin have boobies on his head?????? And ooo double rainbows. And… ooo swords (yeah I know, rapiers) And… now Im following you on there. lol

      • Seriously, why does Moomin have boobies on his head? I loved Moomin as a kid and he likes boobies on his head? I need you to explain this trauma (jk on trauma).

      • 2 votes for Moomin with boobies on his head (there’s one on The Playground Facebook page as well). I would understand, AFTER hearing the story behind it, if you were to be traumatized and I apologize in advance.

  3. I would like to know about the shadow photo with the sword and shield. What castle was being defended? What monstrous horde was being staved off? It seems… fearless.

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