The Daily Post Zero To Hero Challenge that is Simply the BEST Cliffhanger

I’m going to attempt to do what no person in their right mind has ever dared attempt. People will no longer question my sanity, for there will be no denying the sheer irresponsibility of what I shall perform for you today.  Yes folks, step right up for the amazing, death-defying act of combing both the Weekly Writing Challenge (some sort of cliffhanger blog), the Zero to Hero Challenge (changing your blog’s theme), and….

It’s almost too unreal…








Many have tried, but none have lived through it…..




















…’s Daily Prompt (writing about where and when you get the best ideas).

(That wasn’t the cliffhanger)

It’s genius.

Last night I lie awake for hours. My brain is generally plagued at night with thoughts, monologues, the perfect way to tackle building a unicorn, and general world domination techniques. This particular evening, however, there was something else chomping away at the interludes of my psyche.

My blog theme.

For days now, I have quite literally, previewed my blog in every single theme available. EVERY ONE. Some of them several times.

I will share something with you right now fellow bloggers and real life Facebook friends.

I am one of those computer illiterates you tragically read about every day. You hear about these people and don’t think you’ll ever actually meet one, or think, “that will never affect me.” One of those tragic folk, who have some sort of mental brick wall protecting the part of my brain that would allow for human computer competency to thrive and run free over the green, luscious hills of HTML and //:CSS:\\ forests. I recently learned what a “browser” is, but much like my 17-year-old figure, it was not retained. Yes, dear readers I am technologically challenged. 

So with that said, I am amazed I have made it this far. Last year, I purchased a theme and started designing my blog. To this day, I still haven’t been able to figure out 90% of the features. Many alcoholic beverages were consumed, many cigarettes smoked, many pillows thrown against the wall, and then carefully picked up and placed gently on the couch again. Frustrating doesn’t cover it. I have come to the realization, that I need to change my theme, with the impending expiration date approaching.

While taking a shower last night, where I seriously get all of my best ideas, it hit me……

23 responses to “The Daily Post Zero To Hero Challenge that is Simply the BEST Cliffhanger

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  2. Loved your post! The inserted photos were particularly hilarious. I am actually rather computer literature (I might even be able to pull out the odd bit of coding now and then) and I also had trouble with my blog theme. It seems difficult to find something that fits ones particular needs in a sea of themes that will fit some but not all of them. I can’t wait to see what your big insight was!

    • Why thank you ever so much, ladyharvey! You really can’t go wrong with Barney, Arnie, or Gob Bluth. I find myself quoting them often enough that I feel like we’re all real life friends now… and that’s not even remotely weird. Also, maybe I watch too many tv series and Schwarzenegger films, but let’s not be too quick to judge. Regarding the theme, the problem is I have found TOO many that I like. I will likely never be able to do half of what the themes are capable of, but such is life with my particular technology handicap. Stay tuned!

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