Do you kids like the Nipples…I Mean the Twitter?

Hi boys and girls, and (I can only hope) tree sloths of all ages!

First of all, nipples.

What a weekend. Into Helsinki Friday for a gig, back to Stockholm Saturday for some professional couch potato-ing and writing this little Saturday diddy about my nipples.

Today I looked at the winner of this week’s photo poll and wrote an edge of your seat story about three friends getting hammered, stripping down, and ending up with nipples on their faces, resulting in my first attempt of flash fiction. I hope you enjoy it. Then, I met with a friend whom I haven’t seen in far too long, and had unexpected Sunday wine. That’s my favorite kind!

Anyway, it’s been a productive weekend, but I don’t want you kids and tree sloths to think I’ve given up on my hero tasks. Today, I took my cape out and tried it on with different jeans. It’s quite slimming actually.

19 days into the Zero to Hero Challenge and I can already smell my super powers…or maybe that is my super power. I won’t know until the end of the thirty days when I’m no longer a zero.

So, in honor of the task bestowed upon me by the Sith Lords of Planet Blog, I present to you, my nipples…I mean my new Playground Twitter account. So feel free to do the tweeters or whatever, re-twitt my posts or something, follow, and generally show some love. That goes for you tree sloths, too.

But wait..there’s more!

I also started a Linked In account for The Playground. As I have zero idea how that works as of yet, I suppose you’ll have to search for me using my email address which is somewhere on this blog page. I’ll give you a hint, it’s on the left hand side of the page, just past the Instagram widget, which is just below my Facebook widget which you are also welcome to follow. Yes, tree sloths can also join.

Pinterest is a slow process. I keep getting distracted by hipster crate tables. I’ll figure it out someday. I’ve had wine today. I think I’ve been productive enough.

Nipples out.



3 responses to “Do you kids like the Nipples…I Mean the Twitter?

  1. I could almost say that I love you for making me smile. It is really a joy for me to come and read ya. I have followed you already, I did after the first comment I made here back on like the first day of the Z2H Challenge. You always seem to be able to bring me out of the semi funk I am in after my job.

    Now about those nipples…. are those candy pasties, or froot loop pasties? And can you send me the web address where you got them so I can get some for my wife? Pretty please?

    • Awwww, shucks, Frank! That may be the nicest compliment I’ve had in a while (except when an old colleague told me I look still look like I’m 25, on Saturday..when he was sober. WAS NOT expecting that).

      I’m really happy and honored that I can spark that kind of relief in someone who, from my understanding, is in a pretty rough patch regarding his career and future career. At the mercy of so many other people (PLEASE trust me I can relate). It’s always nice to have some sort of outlet. If I thought I could pull it off, my outlet would likely be crack, but I just can’t get into the whole losing your teeth as a side effect thing. I had braces for 3 years…seems silly to do that after 3 high school years of pure hell.

      No back to those candy nipple tassels. That was a random photo I came across while searching the web (don’t ask), but after a quick goggle search, it seems you can get some here, and at quite the bargain!

      And they are, i believe, candy a good old fashioned candy necklace, but WAAAY better.

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