13 Days into the Cape Quest

I haven’t linked to Zero to Hero in a few days, but I don’t want you guys to be scared. I have been tackling the tasks in private and indirectly and sort of kind of. This is due to a couple of time restraints over in real life. Also, a big part of being a hero is keeping the allure of the hero’s mystery ever-present. For example, you were likely thinking…verbatim…”Hmmm..that’s odd. E usually ALWAYS blabs about her progress on the challenge in order to gain new followers, thus coming closer to her million Euro (or $) dream and I’m always so incredibly amused and have no idea how I will cope with the day, let alone my own existence if I don’t hear WHAT SHE DID FOR THE CHALLENGE TODAY. And what of the Planet Blog? Who will people ping back to if not, E? It’s likely a black hole will come and suck up the entire blogosphere if we do not hear WHAT SHE DID FOR THAT DAMN CHALLENGE.”

Yes, I’m guessing it was along these lines, of perhaps something a little less calm and more on the melodramatic side.

But fear not fellow aspiring heroes and faithful inhabitants of The Playground. My cape and purple sparkle disco pants are heeding to the every task, and have opted to, while adhering to the challenge, regale you with other tales on the actual page.

But…as it’s been a few days since I’ve had a ping back and I’m going through withdrawal, I’d like to draw your attention to my blogrole over here in the right…. right2

No!  Wait!!!

It’s right here.


On the left.


No, not the Facebook Like Widget, although while you’re here, you may as well click “like”.



It’s down here a bit more….

leftHere it is.

No, wait, that’s my Instagram widget. Hey, I mean…while you’re here, you may as well…you know…



So it MUST be down here……






No, not contact info…


Hey, look over here…

left It’s where you sign up to follow my blog, whether you have wordpress or not. Well, that is pretty freaking handy if I do say so myself. While you’re here…you know….I mean…you may as well.



Here we are….

left My blogrole, or links of interest, as we were encouraged to include. Aptly named “These are some pretty sweet sites that I dig.”

I threw this together rather fast, if I’m being honest. This is my third blog for the day (yes, THIRD. Freaking overachiever over here) and if I’m to be of any use in my pre-purchased cape, I need to return to real-world-glosphere and do real-world-glosphere stuff for a few more hours before dreaming of ways to confuse you all tomorrow. I will add and update those links often, but feel free to check out a few recommendations in the meantime. I have exquisite taste, I assure you.

4 responses to “13 Days into the Cape Quest

    • While I’m sure this was a clever and witty and funny response to y description of your blog, I implore you, do not go that route…there’s enough of that floating around here.

  1. Personally the time that I actually used to write, I don’t know, stories and stuff for my blog is so foggy and distant I can’t believe I ever did that. So much to do for challenges and awards! Totally going to check out your blogroll and see what new interesting things I come across.

    • Well, exactly. That’s why I took the time to actually write “other things”. You know…like actual blog content. I always try to write a bit more than what the challenge is requiring, but some days, I’d prefer to handle the challenge at my own pace and get down to the point of it all.
      The wine.
      No wait. I’m thinking of something else.
      The writing.

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