The Dealio For Today, Tuesday Feb-25-2014

Yup. I know. Let me have it.

Feel better?

I know I wasn’t here yesterday.

Know what I was doing? Well if you read the Jared Leto post you would have a decent idea.

I spent approximately 17 hours trying to get my phone situation sorted out.

This means that I not only didn’t have a chance to even stop by and re-post an old post in my present absence, but also still have not had a chance to sit down and work on the Tuesday Picture Poll story for you.

And today is Tuesday again.

And I’ve been dealing with the phone crap since 9am again in addition to regular work, so my brain is in a bit of a funk right now and I’m having a hard time focusing. It’s ummm…whatchyacallit….


So here’s the deal for today. We are going to keep the picture poll rolling since the results have taken a drastic, drastic change. It’s cool, I’m happy with whatever result comes about, but at this point in the week, I’m not comfortable with starting a new weekly poll when I haven’t written on the last yet. So this week will be a rollover week so I can catch up on everything since being completely thrown off by Saturday night’s disastrous ending.

If you haven’t voted, please do so here, and if you need a refresher on the story you are keeping in mind as you vote on the photo, you can recap from the beginning here. Don’t worry! It’s flash fiction so a quick read, even though it’s in three different parts. Don’t be so scared.

I’ll be back here in a few hours, but I didn’t want you to think that I forgot about any of you, or my self-designated blogging duties. I also know I’ve been a bit absent in the blog reading reciprocation… a fault I wish to remedy tonight and tomorrow as I do some serious catching up on Planet Blog.

I feel I may even have another post in me tonight… Maybe a catch up on my photo challenge that I’ve also neglected.

Damn you Jared Leto and your gig that I chose to work and stay extra hours on causing someone to break my phone and your giant blue eyes. Yeah, that’s right. You threw me off my  blog game! So much so, that I’m calling you by your stage name and not our married name, Jordan Catalano.



Yeah… Hurts doesn’t it? Now buy me a phone.

5 responses to “The Dealio For Today, Tuesday Feb-25-2014

  1. Ok…so…I can feel stressy pressure vibes. This is your blog so you can do what you like WHEN you like. You have a life, which pays for the blog (indirectly), so CALM THE HECK down. *Passes brown paper bag* (for breathing, not hiding a bottle of something…..!)

  2. It will be worth the wait. It’s like waiting for the next Star War’s Movie, Or Avengers 2, the hobbit part 3, or macaroni and cheese to heat up in the microwave

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