I’m Not Part of Your System. MAN!

I’ve made a very important decision. As I start this post, it is 20:38 here (that’s 8:38 pm for my ‘Murican readers). Last night I was up until 5am trying to save the data that I could from my poor phone that was tragically knocked on the ground by an unnamed douchebag who, though clearly caught and approached in a calm manner, refused to admit to it, therefore by default, hanging up his testicles for life by not being man enough to own up to a mistake. 

Speaking of testicles…

I was looking at my upcoming summer schedule and happened upon the online advertisement for the upcoming Miley Cyrus gig, which looked like this. 



It was SUPER convenient because I had literally just been silently wondering to myself, ” I wonder what Miley Cyrus’s tongue looks like?

Boy, am I lucky I came across what is likely, the only two pictures on the internet of her sticking out her tongue. And how lucky am I that both were in THE VERY SAME advertisement? 

Things are looking up for Tourmama E.

Yes, sirree-Bob. 

Anyway, it is now 20:45 (that’s 8:45pm for any ‘Muricans that are still with us). 

Know what?

I’m going to bed.

Because I can.

That’s right. I can stay up until 5am one night, and then go to bed before 21:00 (that’s 9pm for my countrymen and women…seriously. Learn military time) the next night.

Because I’m an adult. And as Lonely Island put it, I’m not part of your system. And also, my Dad’s not a phone!



We’ll continue this discussion tomorrow. It’s 20:48 (of, ffs…do the math) and I am out of here!



10 responses to “I’m Not Part of Your System. MAN!

  1. Um, that is not military time E. you really should know better. It would appear that the Eastern Hemisphere runs on the same time format. Doesn’t matter if you are in Sweden, Croatia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, or Italy (just off the top of my head), all these places use a 24 hour clock format as the primary form of time telling. It’s the asshole ‘Mericans that have to make everything difficult and be different… just look at the way they measure distance, volume, weight….

    • Military time is that of a 24 hour clock:Military time[edit]

      In English-speaking Canada and the United States, the term “military time” is a synonym for the 24-hour clock.

      And yes, it’d be lovely if we could all jump on the same measuring system.

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