Tuesday Picture Poll: Feb-18-2014. And the Losers Are….

I feel guilty, you guys.

Twice within one week, I have been absent here at Planet Blog.

I made a promise this year to post once a day, and not even two months in, I have already failed.

Don’t try to make me feel better. No amount of compliments can comfort me.

Yes, I know sometimes I post 2, 3 or even 4 times in one day and that should keep the balance of the Blogiverse in order. And yes, you’re right I am totally freaking amazing for being able to pull that off despite my sometimes hectic and busy schedule. And of course I’m hilarious and smart. And…

What’s that?

Well… if you insist…

Yes, I am a pretty spectacular dresser with a simple but chic boho layering style that is both unique and practical at the same time, that accentuates my smaller than average frame to borderline adorable.

I mean…sure, there’s all THAT.

But I am harboring severe remorse in, at the very least, not re-blogging one of my previously not as noticed hilarious posts when I am unable to blog, so that you can see the errors of your ways by missing it the first time around.

And what about you, my poor readers? You, who revolve your entire day around what enchanting gems will splurge from my fingertips to the keyboard and travel via the flux capacitor to your computer screen? How can I possibly forgive myself for leaving you hanging, not once…but twice within half of a fortnight?

Well never again. Do you hear me? I promise to never again, leave you without some form of my brain spew.

I only hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive my hilariously smart, clever, well dressed ass and possibly send me money in an attempt to make me feel better.


By the way, are we all caught up on the latest installment of the Sunday: Smoke-Long Stories of the Picture Poll? If not, feel free to catch up here.

In other news, it’s Tuesday.

  • TUESDAY: PICTURE POLL! – I think Tuesday gets kind of crappy deal. I mean, everyone hates Monday, as it signifies the beginning of the work week. Wednesday is called Humpday, as it signifies that at the end of the day, you’re over the work week hump. Thursday is the day before Friday so everyone kind of likes Thursday, and Friday is paaaaaar-tay as it starts the weekend. Unless of course, you’re unemployed in which case, weekends are meaningless.

Every Tuesday, I will post three photos that I have taken for you to vote on. What you are voting on, is which photo you want me to write a “smoke-long” for. Smoke-Long is another name for Flash Fiction. You can vote however your gut tells you. You can vote for the photo because it appeals to your senses, or because you want to hear what kind of warped story my brain and the voices who roam free in here tell me to write. Whatever you do, just make sure you fill in the poll at the bottom of the post. If you don’t, I can’t protect you from both of your ears likely falling off. I’m sorry, but I don’t make the rules.

Just kidding, hahahaha. Yes I do.

You can read more about what happens regularly here at The Playground, in addition to the normal lunacy, over at The Rides.

Last week, I was discussing with a few of you, based on some of your suggestions, the idea of maybe doing a photo poll based on some of the dead last contestants.

Every Tuesday, it seems there are always two photos that are pretty close in votes throughout the entire poll period, and one photo that barely makes it on the board.

The few of you, my favorite, faithful readers who enjoy conversing with me via comments, seemed to like this idea.

So without further ado, I present to you, The Losers:




The Cabin on the Ship


The Face Within the Light (keep looking…)

Here comes the most important part. Do not even think about walking, gliding, or mousing away from this post without voting.

It’s not for me…

Last week, quite possibly no less than 6 and maybe up to 17 baby hedgehogs died in freak, completely random and non-related-to-this-post-in-any-way accidents. By voting, you insure that a baby hedgehog will be saved totally unrelated to your voting. Probably, I think.

baby hedgehog

So I don’t know about you, but it all seems way too random to risk. Vote here!

8 responses to “Tuesday Picture Poll: Feb-18-2014. And the Losers Are….

  1. I want that hedgehog. Anyway, I voted on quite possibly the least imaginative photo there. If you can make a story from that, then I will drink to your cleverness indeed and rescue all the hedgies from your evilness. Oh, and yes, we missed you. I was about to write a public rant on the unpredictability of bloggers, but then you showed up, so its ok now. I don’t care if you work. Blogging is not just for Christmas. 😀

    • If I had a smiling hedgehog, I’d take it on the road and never work again because people would spend hundreds at a time to see it. You really CAN buy happiness.

      Awww…you think I’m evil? Thank you! 🙂

      And pfew! Dodged a bullet then. And you’re right… blogging isn’t just for Christmas. It’s for International-Take-A-Selfie-With-Your-Cat Day too, as the newsfeed on my Facebook would suggest. Seriously, there’s an unusually high amount on there today…

  2. I voted. Does that mean I can have my groundhog prepared as filets?
    And great to hear you’ll be posting all the time!

    Just one question – who are you again? 😉

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