Photo Challenge Days 15-18


Ok, so I’ve fallen behind in the photo challenge.

WAAAY behind.

I went to the Fotografiska  Museum on Sunday with full plans of buying cake and a book there to cover FOOD and READING for days 15 and 16.

And this is precisely why I don’t plan things.

To be honest, I had a brutal hangover yesterday. Not from partying at the Fotografiska Museum, although there is a bar there.

No, this hangover was cock rock induced.

What is cock rock?

Well, in this case, it’s referring to Steel Panther, but it could be represented by any number of late 80’s early 90’s hair metal bands.

Yeah, that’s right.




Steel Panther. To be fair, 75% of the dudes in this picture are wearing wigs. This is a parody band who are absolutely brilliant and require copious amounts of alcohol to further enjoy.


Poison’s ‘Look What the Cat Dragged In’ confused dudes everywhere while getting the ladies all hot and bothered with their crystal clear machoism. Could this be the first reported case of Duck Face?


Another one of my favorites. While these dudes might look like a bunch of chicks, the singer of Warrant managed to marry one of the most lusted after gals in the proverbial metal slut category that my friends and I longed to belong to (sigh).


Who could forget Mötley Crüe who really like using unnecessary and impractical ümlauts and banged such chicks as Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson (ok, that was Tommy both times, but the others also got laid). As one of my favorite blogiverse people, El Guapo noted… Mötley Crüe: Starting the underwear OUTSIDE of your pants trend before Madonna ever dreamed of it.


I will argue until I’m blue in the face that the androgynous look of these dudes is a billion times more manly than that of your average neck tattoo, v-neck, hair covering your one eye, 16 lbs soaking wet, emo hipster screamo losers of today.

Rant complete.

Because this post isn’t about arguing over how amazing Tora Tora, Danger Danger, and various other one word squared (math term) bands were. There’s no point, because they were and still are brilliant, and anything stating otherwise is pure poop. Poop I tell you!

So, I was super hungover and couldn’t bear to look in the mirror, so day 17 of REFLECTION was out with no chance of me coming close to any sort of device that would enable me to see myself.

Today the challenge is LINES.

I got this.

Photo on 18-02-14 at 19.51

This is a REFLECTION (day 17) Photo Booth picture of me holding a box of FOOD (day 15) while READING (day 16) some LINES (day 18) from my latest sword book.

This week’s PicturePoll is up and ready for your voting attention to save the life of a baby hedgehog.


6 responses to “Photo Challenge Days 15-18

  1. I think this post is incomplete without acknowledging that Motley Crue predated Madonna in the whole “wearing underwear on the outside” thing.

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