Photo Challenge Day 9: Body Part

I have some bad news, kiddos.

I know that today is Sunday: Smoke-Long Stories of the Picture Poll and that the very, very few of you who have actually voted (lowest participation numbers to date which is disappointing) will have to wait until tomorrow for the story, meaning that there’s still an additional day for those of you who have yet to vote on your favorite photo that you’d like me to write a story on. 

So I’m super sorry about this boys and girls, but far too many distractions in E-land today and a 6 hour drive still ahead, for me to focus properly and give you folks the story you deserve. I feel terrible but I’d rather do this on Monday, which happens to rhyme with Sunday, then spew out a bunch of crap for the sake of writing.

I did, however, write three glorious posts yesterday and based on the lack of love, I’m guessing you were all out on the piss and are now nice and hung over today, curled up with your laptops or smart tablet phone devices, shoving pizza down your neck and drinking Coke with ice because it’s simply the best hangover remedy on the planet..


In the GALAXY.

Have a gander:

We’ve got 




and even


Hopefully these will hold you over.

In the meantime, today’s photo challenge topic is BODY PARTS.

While walking from the hotel to the coffee shop this morning, I saw this painted on the side of a building. 


I like that he’s drinking wine while applying shaving cream. He might be on to something…. 


Have you voted yet?




12 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 9: Body Part

  1. How do you possibly write so much so often? I can’t keep up with you, lady! In fact, I don’t think Reader can keep up with you. Every time I look on your site, I see about five more posts that weren’t there before…maybe that’s why your stats are dropping?
    Also, I suppose considering this that we can forgive you for not posting your picture story today. Yes, I speak for everyone when I say that. Sorry, everyone for taking liberties 🙂

    • I’m not sure I consider the photo posts “writing”. Sure there’s some writing involved, but it all comes out so fast, i don’t really think about it. I DO have a lot to say, though 😉

      And thank you for speaking on behalf of Planet Blog. I hereby nominate you for President, and the unicorn seconds that.

  2. As a Diligent Commenter AND Voter, I would like the Unicorn please. And do stats drop when you post too much? Heck I have been doing this all wrong then. Best keep the Masses waiting, eh? Oh and shaving with wine, oh yes…all the time. Makes the skin so soft and fruity! 😀

    • I honestly see no rhyme or reason to my blog stats. There was one day not long ago where I wrote 4 posts in one day and had the most likes and a huge spike in views, but then they can be the lowest.

      So far, as predicted, my most liked post is the one where I use both photography and cooking as tags (even though there’s nothing to do with cooking), with a Weekly Photo Challenge tag thrown in for good measure. Sometimes I think people don’t even read them..they just look at the picture, like and move on, which is infuriating.

      I had thought that people maybe were only into my shorter posts but my second most liked post is one of my 1000 word flash fiction pieces. That to, has a Daily Prompt tagged to it though.

      I don’t get it… I’m going to go drink wine and shave my legs until the world makes sense again.

  3. You know what I think about when I’m shaving? My wife… how much she’ll love it when she sees me out of that my mess on my face and touches it and smells that great aftershave… just makes me happy! 😀

    • Awww 🙂 But while drinking wine, right? 😉

      I’m definitely a fan of the facial hair. Mr.P had a spectacular beard and mustache for a few years and he recently shaved it all off. Everyone blames me for it, but it’s not true. I say the more wild and untamed and more burly the beard, the better!
      Maybe I’ll hide the shaving cream from him..and the wine 😉

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