Photo Challenge Day 8: Time

Almost ran out of our theme for today’s challenge….which is time, in case that wasn’t abundantly clear in the title.

I’ve been running around and actually blogging like crazy already today, but I signed up for a challenge and goddamnit… I’m going to complete the challenge no matter how..umm…


Shut up.

Anyway, here’s what I’m looking at right now, at the bar, at 10:46 pm (22:46) where I am working a record release party with live, loud, amplified rock music.


That’s a baby carriage.

At the bar.

Now, at 10:47 pm (22:47).

Perhaps, it’s TIME to get a sitter or TIME to go home or TIME to start looking into hearing aids for your infant.


See what I did there?

Anyway, check out my other posts today if you haven’t yet.

It’s Saturday, meaning time for a haiku, and this one is about Nina Persson from The Cardigans.

Not intellectual enough? There’s a brilliant piece on being reincarnated as a ghost in the form of a Russian Doll while watching Supernatural on Netflix.

And in case you STILL haven’t voted for this week’s picture poll, you can do so here, and maybe learn something while you’re there.

The current time is 22:54 (10:54 pm).

Ahh, switched it up there. You like that don’t you?


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