Nina Persson Haiku

It’s been a fairly busy week. Two theater gigs, and now I’m working a release party in Varberg, Sweden. All of this in addition to the other regular work as I prepare for my guys’ album to be released in June.

Exciting times.

A bit disappointed in the lack of blog hits the past couple of days, especially since I’ve been pouring a bit more heart, soul and sarcasm into them, just the way you like it. Even my photography posts are insulting to almost everyone, so I don’t get it.

I’m a bit short on time today, and already wrote a fun little diddy about reincarnation and bowling deities, or something. I can’t remember. You’ll just have to go read it here. I’ve been working on it all day, starting on the train, then moving to the record store where the band did an in-store, and now backstage when I should actually probably be doing something more tour manager related or something.

But then I remembered….

It’s Holy Haiku, He-Man Saturday today!

As usual, go check out The Rides for a list of our weekly specials, and if clicking is simply too hard, here’s what happens here on Saturday:

Every Saturday, you will receive a haiku of something very relevant to me at the moment or for that week.  In Japanese, a haiku is a poem that follows a simple, 5-7-5 syllable rule to correspond to each line.

As I have a very interesting job that takes me all over the place and I’m constantly surrounded by new, usually strange people, the haikus are usually work related. Here, you can read about nipples and hot dogs, for example.

So real quick…

This week I did a show with Nina Persson from The Cardigans. They had that one song from that one version of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

I absolutely LOVE that movie, but I’m a Shakespeare nerd so that’s not surprising. I just dig the way that whole film was done. It’s a staple for me.

Anyway, that’s the only Cardigans song I know.

She didn’t play it.

Here’s this week’s haiku:

 Romeo and Claire

The Cardigans are sweaters

I love that one song


As usual, don’t forget today is the last full day of voting for the Picture Poll!

16 responses to “Nina Persson Haiku

  1. Ok…so jealous! I love the Cardigans. I want your job – or even be your assistant. You need an assistant, don’t you? Yes you do….. 😀 Oh…cool haiku too. Oh, oh…another quick thing – I have noticed that Blog hits ebb and flow…sometimes there are tons, others not so much. I get all like “What?? That was a great post!” but nobody seemed to like it. Don’t get disheartened….write for yourself, and let the masses catch up. 😀

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  3. Love that film Just had an image of The Playground having a video intro with that black guy as Mercutio who I really like who was also on the show Oz and the show Lost and instead of Mercutio yelling THIS IS SHE repeatedly he is yelling THIS IS E you know because you are E and I remember The Cardigans by name only but I’ll be damned if that song will come to me I guess I’ll have to look it up and please forgive my complete lack of punctuation as I was just feeling both lazy and somewhat grammatically rebellious Cheers

    • Totally laughed out loud while reading this and heard Mercutio yelling that on that super cool beach stage. The lack of punctuation is what made this comment perfect, and also fits in like a glove here at The Playground as my thoughts usually flow without punctuation or warning, as you may have noticed.

      The Cardigans song from the movie is “Love me, love, me…say that you love me”. Not a clue what it’s called, despite the fact that i have the soundtrack on my iTunes and could easily check it.

      You’re welcome for the ear worm.

      • Ha! Yes, I remember now…I remember how it started…I can’t remember yesterday….I just remember doing what they told me..told me…told me. Ahem! Sorry, got caught in a Mindcrime there for a second, wrong album. What I meant to say was I was fairly annoyed by that song even by the time I made to the theater to see ‘Romeo & Juliet’ due to it’s let’s-play-it-every-22 minutes-radio-treatment.

        So, thank you, but alas, I have thwarted your ear worm by launching into action (more meandering and digging, really) and grabbing-yes, grabbing, one of those old-fangled CD thingies-the soundtrack and playing at full volume, my second favorite song from it where the ‘creep’y looking dude sings about “a gun and pack of sammiches”, at full volume, and at least twice (but no more) as this is the only formula I know that gets stuck-songs unstuck.

        My favorite song from it is by that popular singer, who I think was once homeless (the one who wasn’t Jewel-why do I know this stuff?), but I avoid it due to some tragic associations that may be revealed if I ever find the time to blog myself (that kinda sounds dirty without a comma). Oh, but then there’d be no time to pester The Playground with these ramblings and I’m sure you’ll have none of that. So, in summation, I’d kindly like to thank your Haiku-ness for stopping the nostalgia bus to pick me up. Arigato and sayonara!

      • Not many people here would know to throw in an appropriate Operation: Mindcrime reference here, or if they do, they have yet to roll with it. +2 points.

        I see that you have the store front up for a blog, it just seems you have yet to sign the actual lease and commit. Just go for it! I’ll even go over and follow you right now so you have the thrill of receiving that first follower. With each new follower I receive, I get more inspired. Likes and comments definitely play a role as well, but I’ll need you to actually write something before I can help you out with that.

        But should it prevent you or cause a change in pattern from your rambling here, I will have to destroy it.

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