Super E?


Lots of comments to reply to tomorrow, but for now, I just need to crawl into bed. I’ve just worked a rough, solid 18 hours on my feet with literally no sitting.

Not true.

I sat for 6 minutes to eat and nearly fell asleep while doing so.

Afterwards, I walked in the freshly fallen 4″ of unplowed powdery snow which is basically like walking on the beach through sand with snow boots on, except it’s through the woods and it’s snow and you’re still wearing snow boots and 7 layers of clothes, with a backpack containing your laptop because you were silly enough to think you may be able to blog today from work on a “break”.

Anyway, the fitbit (pedometer on steroids) says I took 39,679 steps today and climbed 47 flights of stairs between actual flights of stairs and hills on my walk. I call shenanigans. It must have been more than that.

So with 17 new cuts to my fingers, and feet throbbing, I need to crash. Hard. I want to reply to all of your comments and feed back from yesterday’s Give Me Money post but want to take my time, so I hope you’ll be patient and pass the anxiety filled time with some sort of substance abuse of your choice. Be it booze, Welcome Back Cotter episodes, chocolate, maxing out your credit card on, or good old fashioned porn.

But I can’t end the day without bragging rights.


Today… I am a Super Hero. I am no longer a zero like the rest of the shmucks out there who haven’t participated in the Zero To Hero Challenge, or who don’t read my blog (that means you’re not a shmuck if you’re reading this in case that wasn’t clear, so save the crying, please).

I have completed the 30 Day Zero To Hero Challenge, which consisted of 30 days of challenges, so it’s not just a clever name. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve wet my pants, but mostly, I got drunk, not necessarily in that order. In fact, in the exact opposite order of that.

I’ve found some amazing new blogs and through that, made some pretty great new blogquaintences who have also found my blog and blogfollowed me and that makes me feel blogtastic. Blog.

At some point, I apparently also started speaking like a Smurf, but replaced the word Smurf, with Blog.

But onto the real question. Now that I can FINALLY wear my cape in public without being ridiculed because I’m a real life super hero, I need a super hero name.

And I need your help…..


i have the cape

Also, remember that tomorrow is the last day to vote for this week’s Tuesday: Picture Poll! Shadow Fighter is in the lead. Think I can turn that into a good story, or do you think I can do better with one of the other photos?

The future is in your hands tonight, my blogfriends.

No pressure.

23 responses to “Super E?

  1. Congratulation on your cape! I am glad I got to tag along for the journey. My own cape is neatly folded and safely stored in the bottom drawer of my dresser. Being accident prone I am likely to trip over it or something.

    • So, does that mean you are NOT RSVPing to my cape parade invite? I couldn’t have made it through this challenge without you… you have to yoin me, as they say here in Sweden because they have trouble with the letter “j”.

    • Both Bubbles (Little Britain) AND Bubble (AbFab) are taken, which is a bummer as these are both spectacular in the singular and plural forms. That word elates happiness. Unless you’re the boy in he bubble. That guy is miserable.

      • What does that have to do with liking the Power Puff Girls?
        What are their other names?
        And why don’t you know Ab Fab or Little Britain.
        I will teach you the genius of British comedies and you can teach my the inner workings of Japanese sub-pop.

      • Whoa – never said I liked them! I do, but I never said that. The best villains are Bad Mojo Jojo and HIM. The other names are Blossom and Buttercup.

        I have watched Ab Fab on Comedy Central a few times. I remember watching a show about a chef. Monty Python and Benny Hill, of course. I’ve even seen The Goodies.

        This flavor of Japanese sub-pop is called Visual Kei, which means visual style. They heart the French in that genre, so quite a few of their band names are French-sounding, like Versailles, Due Le Quartz, and my fave, Gazette. I like this genre because it’s more about fashion than music, which means anything goes musically. I love variety, so Gazette is the perfect band to me. I’m not put off by the “feminine” costumes. When someone is, I remind them of their feelings the first time they picked up Look What The Cat Dragged In and saw all those hot ‘chicks’.

      • Check out Yohio and let me know what you think. You know I hate name dropping, but when I worked that show last year, I found myself temporarily stuck in an elevator with him. I had a bunch of drinks with me from cleaning out the promoter’s dressing room and asked if he wanted one. He reached for a beer, and I said, “Hey, are you old enough to be drinking that?” And he replied, “Helooooooooooo! I’m eighteeeeeeeen. God!”
        Then I replied, “Oh sorry, you look much younger and in my country, you have to be 21 to drink.”
        To which he replied, “Yeah same with my country… Japan.”
        To which I replied, “Umm.. I’m sorry, but you know you’re a white boy from Sundsvall, right?”
        He stomped out of the elevator and likely wrote a mean twitter about me afterwards.

      • NO, no, no. Yohio, Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre, these are the suck. They steal the look, but still write like the West. And they focus wayyyy too much on poppiness. If you’re not watching them, the songs are just HIM rejects.

        Plus, not that much variety. Like pop metal, with a tiny bit of goth thrown in. Like taking NIN and washing it in hot water with bleach. Don’t think I’m picking on them because they’re Western, either. I think the same thing about AnCafe and a few others.

        That’s what I like about the Gazette. I can listen to them, watch them, whatever. They’re dripping talent. Even this guy Miyavi, who has been a little frosty at times, can play blues guitar like a Japanese Muddy Waters or something. And Kagrra, with their kimonos and such, still kick your ass with some of their songs.

        Vis Kei suffers from some me-toos, but I don’t really know who they are. Aside from AnCafe.

        My name drops are kind of lame. I’ve gone behind an arena and met Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson. Kate signed my jacket. I’ve randomly walked behind a club and met Mike Ness after a show. That’s about it.

      • Ahh, so you’ve heard of Yohio? It’s a bit much isn’t it. That wasn’t a question. I first became obsessed with her, I mean him, I mean her, I mean him while watching Sweden’ s Eurovision song contest contests. My boyfriend knows I LOATHE that haircut and told me I should watch (which I was anyway because I like looking at train wrecks). From the moment she hit the stage, I was hooked. I researched to no end and was fascinated in just what this Swedish white kid thought he was doing. His video for Heartbreak Hotel is mesmerizing due to the sheer awfulness of it all. I enjoy when he gets mad and flips the table. Priceless.

        I’m sure he knew that the drinking age is 20. Hellooooooo! He’s from Japaaaaaaaaan. He much not have been able to understand me through me Western mumbling.

      • Haha…yeah. Totally.

        (running over to google, for he has stumped me once again, which isn’t surprising because after 21 years in the music business, I now hate music, but I will go anyway so I don’t appear any more musically ignorant).

    • It is a pretty sweet photo. I will say this, however. Of the past, and incidentally only three photo challenges, my readers have surprised me on every one. I have been caught off guard with each poll winner and therefore, I’m challenged even more, as I post the pictures with what I think will be the winner and a basic story line attached. And who knows? There’s still another 30 hours to go, as I won’t be able to check the results and write the story about the winning photo until about 6pm my time tomorrow. Anything can happen. Shadow Fighter is only ahead by 2 votes right now.

      All of this is beside the whole point though.
      YOU are clearly brilliant.
      End of sentence.

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