Tuesday Picture Poll: Jan-28-2014


Holy crap you guys, can you believe it’s friggin’ Tuesday again already? Maybe it’s so hard for me to believe because my old friend insomnia has come to visit me, yet again. And when I say my old friend in that slanty, italicized, sarcastic tone, what I really mean is son of a motherless goat bitch whore. I just want to make sure we’re all clear on that.

Anyhoo, as it’s Tuesday (seriously though, wasn’t it Tuesday like 2 days ago? Am I in a space-time continuum again?), that means it’s time for this week’s Tuesday: Picture Poll!

For the newbies just joining us here at The Playground, first of all, welcome, and you should probably pour yourself a drink if most of what you read here is to make any sense.



Now, go forth and head on over to The Rides that we offer during your visit, so that you’re up to speed with what the poll is all about. As a quick reminder, the wining photo will be the feature photo in my flash fiction piece on Sunday. Here’s what happened with last week’s winner on January, 26th. Warning! Not for the squeamish are lack of sense of humorish.

As for the rest of the class, let the voting…BEFLIN!

You Thieving Bastards

You Thieving Bastards


Shadow Fighting

Full Moon Rising

Full Moon Rising

I wrote BEFLIN up there didn’t I.

I have no idea what that means.

Clearly I need more coffee.

Now don’t forget to goat.

I mean vote.

16 responses to “Tuesday Picture Poll: Jan-28-2014

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  2. love the desolate feeling of the full moon rising, but it seems I am the only one so far!
    Thanks for sharing your awesome pics!

    • Remind me to tell you where that photo was taken after the poll is closed if it doesn’t win. It was pretty breathtaking. And don’t give up yet! It’s still just the first day of voting 😀

  3. What are we voting for? Best photo? Most moving photo? Photo we think of when we think of the definition of what photo means?

    I’ll just flip a coin. Yeah, yeah, don’t get your panties in a bunch – it’s a three-sided coin.

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