Turmeric Haiku

Happy Saturday, kiddos! It’s time for this week’s installment of Holy Haikus, He Man!

If this is your first Saturday at The Playground, first of all welcome. The unicorn will be around to take your drink order shortly. In the meantime, please revert to The Rides for a list of recurring weekly features that we offer here.

This week, a couple of fun things happened. I splurged on a pretty sweet piece of art that I am anxiously awaiting to receive.

I became a bone fide super hero yesterday therefore finally being granted license to roam the world in a cape without fear of judgement and mockery because, as is my understanding, WordPress will back my sanity in a court of law after completing their 30 Day Zero To Hero Challenge.

But keeping with the haiku theme to date, I’ll make this one about the odd job of the week.

Yesterday, I did some work at a show for a presumably famous, young UK (pop? R&B? blues? never heard of her?) star. I presume people know who she is because it was a sold out show. I won’t name drop though because Edward Hotspur gets upset and will tell his good friend that he likes to talk about, Kevin Pollak, if I do.

My odd job for yesterday, was assisting their touring caterers with meal prep and clean up for their touring party. For dinner a lamb or vegetarian vindaloo was on offer. Anyone who has ever cooked anything relating to Indian cuisine, knows that turmeric is key in 98% of their dishes. And why the hell not? It’s a brilliant super-spice that has just as many health benefits, as tasty benefits.

The thing with turmeric though, is that it stains every single thing it touches. In particular, anything plastic such as cutting boards, prep bowls and plates, and also, skin.

While scrubbing with great vengeance and furious anger one particular white prep bowl smothered in turmeric, a haiku arose in my brain:

Damn you, turmeric

You think you’re better than me?

You win. I’m yellow.


11 responses to “Turmeric Haiku

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  2. Can you believe I’m allergic to turmeric!? How random is that? Also frustrating as I love Indian food. But on the positive side, no yellow fingers.

    • Not random at all, actually. I know a few people who are. Are you allergic to it if you ingest it and apply it topically or both? Because it acts as a great facial mask…if you’re into that sort of thing of being asked if you have recently developed cirrhosis of the liver.

      • Hm, I’m not sure about my reaction to it topically. I suppose I could do an experiment…out if prying eyes so I don’t get asked about my liver functions!

      • They’ll ask about your liver functions due to the staining. Although I’ve never thought about going out in public WITH the mask on. Hmmm…
        Challenge accepted.

      • Right. The staining. That would be bad enough I think. Not sure why I was thinking of going out in public with it…I may have been half asleep when I wrote that.

      • My best ideas come to me when I’m half asleep. Or in the shower for some reason.

        And this was a good one. Tumeric public facial masks for everyone (unless you’re allergic).

  3. Met fresh tumeric in Thailand. Bastard wouldn’t stay there; stupid staining. Now, thanks to a former tenant from India, we have a shit ton of ground tumeric in our kitchen along with more spices than I can count. So much spice, so little counter top space! I know there’s wars on and stuff, but like…this is important, too.

    • This is like, totally important.
      I can’t ever imagine too much spice being a problem and now I’m super envious of the fact that you have been bequeathed a shit ton of turmeric. Get cooking, girl! 🙂
      Look up turmeric face masks. They’re super easy to make and really do work…as long as you don’t leave them on too long and turn yellow.
      Turmeric and cinnamon in milk is also really good for you and acts as a diet aid.

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