Smart People of Blogland. I Beseech You. HELP!

Ok, I must have at least one tech savvy follower out there.

I’m having a MAJOR issue that is making me a very, very sad panda.


As we all know, I have an invisible force field around the part of my brain that allows for simple computer comprehension to get it. I’ve posted to the help forum, but it’s still waiting moderation and unfortunately, I can’t wait…mostly because I’m incredibly impatient. So here it is:

I have troubleshooted (troubleshot?) every scenario I can think of. Emptied cache and cookies, reset safari, etc. My Gravatar has suddenly changed the name of my website  from to (the “y” is missing). I’ve updated it several times on the Gravatar page, yet when I leave a comment on any blogger’s page and you click on my tourmama616 gravatar handle, it links to rather than the correct, therefore saying that the page does not exist.

This is detrimental as I’ve already heard from several bloggers that they cannot get to my site. 
Quick fix anyone? This literally happened over night.

Also, I’m suddenly getting notified via email every time I leave a comment on my own page, as if I’m not me. Thoughts?


PLEASE help if you know why this is happening to me. If people can’t link back to my blog when I post witty comments on their page, how in (hot) Thor’s name (the one from the movies) am I supposed to become a millionaire from blogging?

I’ve got a gem to post today but I’m all sad and sh#t now because of this and it is distracting me from my real life work. Don’t worry…this isn’t even a real’s just a cry for help so I can function in society again.

Help me Obi Wan Kanobi… you’re my only hope.




14 responses to “Smart People of Blogland. I Beseech You. HELP!

  1. Hmm sounds like your Gravatar is having a meltdown. I will go poke at mine to see if I can help.

  2. Hmmm…well I avoided Gravatar since it tried to change my name to “PixieknuckleCrackerWhiteTrashSlaveDriver” (seriously, I kid you not) so perhaps just get rid of it altogether and wing it. Sorry I can’t be more help. Just think yourself lucky Gravatar is lacking in imagination today. 😀

    • :-O
      I am speechless.
      I am without speech.
      Why didn’t you keep that name? It’s brilliant! The white trash of society need to be put in their place and you should be the one to do it!
      Anyway, now I checked it and it’s working again, likely due to branching mama’s advice, so thanks, luv!

      But while we’re on the subject, maybe I should delete the gravatar? How does one do that and still have all of the other stuff? Please speak to me like I am 3 year old child from a far away tribe in a far away land who doesn’t even have a basic understanding of the interweb box that make words come out when I press buttons.

      • No way on keeping that name, haha! Gremlins must have hacked it or somesuch. Glad yours is working again though. And as for totally deleting it, well…I don’t know. I think when my *new* name came up, I just quickly shut everything down and hid in a corner waiting for the Racist Police to come round and beat me up! When I returned here, it simply didn’t show. So….that’s about as helpful I can be. Sorry. 😦

      • I just thought you could protect the world from white trash racists. I chose to read it a different way, I suppose.
        Pixieknucklecracker is perfect. Good call 🙂

  3. Gravatar has given me issues as well… I was not able to delete my facebook profile from it! But it got resolved eventually after I reinstalled my browser!

    • Ugh… I don’t even know what a browser is. I’m hopeless when it comes to computer talking stuff. Seems to have sorted itself out though. Thanks for the feedback!

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