New Challenge Accepted!

The Zero To Hero Challenge is coming to an end and I will soon feel empty inside despite my reason to finally wear a cape in public and try out my new super power of being able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Therefore, I have decided to participate in a Photo Challenge that one of my fellow bloggers, thirteen1999, has brought to my attention.


To be honest, I haven’t even read the challenges. I just liked the birds.

So join me (or as they say in Sweden, yoin me) over here on this new challenge. I’m pretty sure we’ll get heroin at the end of it.

No wait..

Not heroin.

Whatchyacall ’em…


(Extra special mega bonus points to the person that can name that quote)

22 responses to “New Challenge Accepted!

  1. Can’t name that quote sadly, but god it made me chuckle! I love challenges and will be doing this feb challenge (as much as possible anyway). I too like the birds, and it reminds me of a pic I did for V-Day last Feb. Kudos on the walking/chewing gum thing….together with the swords and tatts, I would surely avoid you if I saw you in the street. 😀

    • Awww no, don’t be intimidated. I have the demeanor of a little kitten.
      A kitten who would stab someone’s eyes out if you look at it the wrong way as it struggles to walk and chew gum at the same time just out of the tattoo shop.
      A sweet, cute, baby little kitten.
      Link to the pic of the birds, please! 😀
      And yay for a challenge buddy! Did you sign up at that page? They encourage the spamming of your website on their page. I love it.

      • And you really don’t know the line? It’s from a sitcom of a neighboring country to Scotland. Hint: It’s not England, Whales or Guam.

      • Well yeah I signed up, but I couldn’t leave a comment as requested for some strange reason. Ho hum. Time to get the olde camera dusted off. And the bird thing, well its posted as a daily prompt, but it wasn’t as good as I recalled. *shame*. Also kittens are pretty evil – especially when they do that creepy sideways crab walk/pounce. 😀

      • Crab walk is always creepy….
        Going to check out the bird pic. I have a weird photograph fetish with birds. Not in a WEIRD way, but in a weird way.

  2. I got it! Father Ted, from Ireland. And I think it was cocaine.

    So, take some pictures of someone you love holding fire in one hand and water in the other while blowing up a black and white balloon and standing on some basalt, and you’ve knocked out the first 7-8 days of photography at once.

    • Wow, super mega-deluxe-supersized-ultra props and bonus points for not only naming and KNOWING what that show is, as a Yank, but also spotting the intended change of heroin to cocaine (heroin sounded better in this case).

      Also, please post that photo.

      • Ok, first of all, I had to get help from Larry Page and Sergey Brin to find out who Larry Page and Sergey Brin were. Secondly, I am shocked and appalled and also kind of hungry.

        You’ve done the research, the least you can do now is illegally download the show and watch it. You won’t regret it. Unless you get caught and get arrested. Then you may regret it. But it will be worth it.

  3. Hahaahaha I love when i get a good laugh from a blog I wandered into like a wrong classroom… 😀 I like your style of writing.

    • Well Ivyon, you are certainly in for a treat. Pour yourself a glass of whiskey, buckle up and enjoy the ride, because if you thought THIS was an entertaining post, you are in for one hell of a ride, because you’ve not seen anything yet. 😀 (that was the smart way of saying you ain’t seen nothin yet.)

    • Hahahaha, you know I didn’t get the comment so I went and looked for it… Is that the sigh that is not meant to be? Nah, I like purple and disco is ok 😉

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