Worst. Day. Ever. (since the last worst. day. ever.)

Just got home from a terrible work day.

Awful, just awful.

I know I owe you a haiku. It is Saturday: Holy Haikus He-Man, after all.

I wrote one before today started, as I thought it would be a late night and I wanted to be ready to post it when I got home along with a funny anecdote from the day.

But there was no funny anecdote today.

Just a really rough time with a pretty shitty ending and now I just want to have a beer and go to bed.

So tomorrow, you will get TWO haikus, after I’ve slept this shit day away.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out one of my posts from last year about one of my other jobs:

Merchandiser for bands.

In this post, you will read about the Top 5 Most Annoying Customers I have, and continue to encounter on the road.

I promise to be funny again tomorrow….pinky promise. Just need to sleep it off.

In the meantime, I’ll remember that it can always be worse…

I could be this person. Or worse still.

This monkey.

really sad

Or have one of those haircuts I posted about yesterday….

See, I’m feeling better already.

Beer helps.

8 responses to “Worst. Day. Ever. (since the last worst. day. ever.)

  1. After such a bad day I hope you have the best night of dreams ever. And if it helps you feel better I have been looking forward to the next photo challenge story. I was thinking about marking the day on my calendar but when I checked on my wall I realized my calendar was dated 2010. (Probably time to see about changing that.)

    • 😀 hahhaa. Thanks for the really flattering comment and good laugh before I attempted to sleep away that awful day/night. I have plenty of ideas but we are at a deadlock again 😦 The haikus are up though.

  2. Have a beer. And a hug. Oh,and more beer. Also Asprin – no wait…Irn Bru, Allegedly a hangover cure (!) I wouldn’t know since I don’t drink it, and have never had a hangover. But the hug stays. Bad days make the good ones AWESOME!

  3. I wonder what happened during your day. I know the feeling, I know it all too well. Be thankful that you have found yourself in something that you do truly seem to enjoy. The worst that you can have is my ‘normal’ week, which is typically bad in and of itself with all the blood.

    Now if it is a person that made your day bad, I have the shop keys so we can always make a free batch of food for some dogs ala mode. You just need to supply the meat, I can handle the rest for a suitable fee. x) I kid I kid.. well maybe…

    • I just explained it in a lengthy post with three haikus to make up for none yesterday. I don’t particularly like THAT particular job, but yes, it is better than the nightmare you seem to be currently stuck in. And I say currently, because I’m currently brainstorming for you two.

      I’ll also be sure to remind people that I am well connected with a guy who works at a factory that produces dog food that leaves zero trace of where the meat actually came from.
      I kid, I kid.

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