Photo Challenge Days 11 & 12 (gulp)


It would seem I’ve become one of those people who needs more hours in the day.


Now hear me out here, because I’m about to have a lunatic moment.

Or, I could get up before 11:00 in the afternoon, skip the Seinfeld re-runs at 13:35 and 14:00, and try to cut my shower time down to less than 30 minutes.


Anyway, after yesterday’s two time consuming posts and, you know…life, I was actually stuck for yesterday’s photo challenge topic of REPETITION.

Then I peeked ahead to what the next topic was and an idea… was formed.


So, without further ado, I present to you days 11 & 12: Repetition and Listening


As I consistently remind everyone, I hate music.

After over 20 years in the music business, multiple back-stabbings, countless dreams shattered, and jobs ripped from under me because of proverbial whores (in this case, proverbial means actual real life and whores stands for whores) will find out what I charge even after I’ve been hired, and offer to go out for 1/4 of that price.

On top of that, I’ve had the misfortune of enduring some horrid, HORRID acts on the road which ends up being more depressing than anything else.

But the truth is, I love music. In fact, I love this shitty business and everything it has done to beat me down, kick out my teeth, kick my ass again and possibly be directly responsible for my at times excessive alcohol intake and undoubtedly impending bleeding ulcer. Because there’s no way I would be the person I am today without the consistent challenges it has given me, and the new experiences it has provided.

More than all of those horrible things I had mentioned, music and the music industry have both brought me to and accompanied me on some amazing adventures, providing soundtracks that are as much a part of the experience as the happening itself. Not to mention all of the amazing people I have met along the way as a direct result of music and the biz.

And let’s not forget that music is the entire reason I got into this crazy thing to begin with. From the age of 5, I started with piano, moved to violin, clarinet, flute, guitar and then bass. I sang in the school choir and in a band. I majored in music in high school and minored in music in college. I became metal director at my college radio station and fought my way up the ladder to be closer to the music that I loved.

Last weekend, Mr.P did an acoustic gig at a record store. I haven’t been to a record store in over a year. I found myself looking around at all of the music. Gazing through all of the discount CD racks and shelves, taking note of the neatly organized genres, browsing through all of the “New Release” displays, and getting nostalgic. Nostalgic and excited. The record store was such a familiar place to me, and I had forgotten just how much comfort it brought me, no matter how many new artists I hadn’t heard of.

And that was the weird part.. I  wanted to hear them!

I picked up some albums that I’ve been wanting to check out. Both old familiar artists, slightly familiar artists whose music I wanted to expand on, and artists that I had been lucky enough to catch live and was clearly left impacted by, as I wandered blindly over to their sections and letters. Artists I would never have known existed, if not for my job(s).

I’ve been listening to these albums, repeatedly, since I purchased them the other day, and it reminded me that I represent and work with two of the most talented bands I have ever had the pleasure of hearing and threw them into the mix as well (on vinyl of course…hey, since we’re getting all  nostalgic).

(and shit.)

I Am Your Father

Just a reminder….this week’s photo poll is up and ready for your votes. The baby hedgehogs are counting on you.

12 responses to “Photo Challenge Days 11 & 12 (gulp)

    • I promise to strive to always crack you up 😀
      Yeah, that one is a classic. I can’t take credit for it, although I wish I could, as both a devout Star Wars nerd and self-proclaimed master mixed tape maker.

    • What is a new band to me, may not be a new band to you.
      Working in the business, I tend to completely ignore what’s new in the music world. It’s like work to me. But I work part time for a very big company, and through that, have heard some cool stuff.
      Example, I had never heard of Bruno Mars or Regina Spektor before working their shows, nor would I have likely ever heard it if not for working the shows.
      I had actually not heard a Lady Gaga song until I worked her show about a year ago. Not one.
      Another example… First Aid Kit. Brilliant sister duo from Sweden. I picked up their latest after completely accidentally hearing them on a Swedish talk show. Bought the previous release last weekend.
      So I don’t actively seek out new music… I even manage to avoid what most people hear 30 times a day on the radio.
      That said, I’m happy to recommend some maybe not so very well known stuff to you 🙂

      • Lake Street Dive, Kings X, Richard Thompson, Caro Emerald, Bruce Hornsby are in heavy rotation.

        And shamefully, I listened to Boy George’s new album a few times.

        Good lord, I can’t believe I admitted that.

      • NEVER! muuuahahahhahahaha (<—-evil laugh)!

        The Boy who is George is nothing to be ashamed of. I referenced a Culture Club song last week. Sometimes life just calls for a little Boy George.
        Kings X are ace… one of my favorites.
        Bruce Hornsby as in "and the Range"? Whoa… nostalgia overload. What was that song?

        The other two I'm not familiar with, though, so google to the rescue after posting.

        In my left sidebar under "These are some pretty sweet sites I dig" are two bands that I work closely with. We can start there. For Hexvessel, check out 'Woods to Conjure' and
        'I Am the Ritual'. for Sólstafir (the band that I manage), check out 'Fjara', Both easily accessible on your friendly neighborhood youtube channel.

        If I'm on the right path, I'll give you two more assignments for homework 😀

      • I enjoyed listening, but not really the music i like. Goth-folk?

        That being said, I’d love to listen to anything you throw my way.
        I’ll start digging through the sweet sites too.

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