Photo Challenge Day 5: Air


I’m not going to lie folks. The first two things I thought of when I saw what today’s photo challenge topic was, were this:

And also, how the hell am I going to get a decent photo of something representing air while being stuck inside a venue all day.

But then something magical happened. See normally when I come to this particular venue for work, the Galleria that I cut through to go from the subway to the tram is still not open. I mean the doors are open, but the shops and information desk are still closed because it’s usually some otherworldly hour like 6am or something.

Today though, I didn’t have to start until my normal get up time, which was 12:30 pm, meaning I had to get up at the slightly less painful 10:00am.


I told you my favorite activity is sleeping.

Anyway, while rushing through the Galleria, and using every inch of willpower that I possess to not be pulled into that Top Shop that was drawing me in with its glorious clothing death ray, I passed the information desk, and this is what I saw:


Look, I don’t understand it any more than you do. This product goes beyond the acronym and deserves the full on:




Anyway, Challenge of Air, completed.

By the way, if you still haven’t voted for this week’s Photo Poll, what are you waiting for? There’s also a chance you’ll have a laugh over my interpretation of an upcoming Swedish holiday, or that you’ll be grossly offended and in the process, flush your phone down the toilet in disgust, even if you’re reading the blog on your computer.

Trust me, it will make sense at the time.


Either way, fun will be had by all.

But mostly me.

7 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 5: Air

  1. Geez! I about lost my guts while eating breakfast and reading your post. Did ya have to post a pic of a toilet….LOL

    • I felt it was necessary for people to envision their phones in the toilet if they got offended by my story of Semlor Day.
      You weren’t my target though, so I apologize. It’s a fairly clean looking toilet though, to be fair.

      • LOL…I’m teasin ya! My grand son has dropped many a cell phone in the toilet, always makes me laugh! No apology needed!

      • I’ve never dropped my cell phone in the toilet, but then again, I don’t take it into the bathroom….lol I mean its not tied to my hip! Haha

      • You’re lucky. I don’t recommend it unless you’re into the idea of having a pre-mature heart attack. Even then, I don’t recommend it.

      • That’s what I told my oldest daughter who carries her cell phone in her bra. I’m like, wtf are you thinking!!

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