Photo Challenge Day 4: Beloved

Hey speaking of photo challenges, has everyone voted on the Tuesday: Picture Poll yet? Everything is explained there. I need your votes to know which photo will have its story told on Sunday in an entertaining fashion.

Also over there, is either my twisted take on the Swedish holiday Fettisdagen or, if you’re not a fan of the sarcasm and satire and take things waaaay too seriously and don’t know how to laugh at yourself while you’re openly judging others around you, you may instead find what has potential to be a super offensive tale of a man who died so that you can eat cake.

Either way, it’ll be a blast.

For me.

It will be a blast for me.

It’s all in how you choose to take it. Of course, you can always skip the story and head right for the purdy pictures. Just make sure to vote at the end.

In the meantime, we’re on the fourth day of the photo challenge, and today’s topic is:


My beloved hates to have his photo posted even more than I do, which is ironic in oh so many ways.





But I digress.

I asked if he was cool with me posting this and said I could always post a picture of my beloved blade instead, reminding him that people may think I’m odd for posting a picture of my sword representing my beloved (Don’t listen to them Stabby.. no one knows what we have).

He’s a good sport, my dude. Here he is, doing what appears to be taking an eye test with an old Sony Eriksson.




30 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 4: Beloved

    • Ummm, yeah, I’m sure, Chris! Pshhh. I’d have to have quite the free time on my hands to be able to pull off something as elaborate as that..pfffff…that’s ridiculous.

    • Well that’s why you fit in perfect here and I’m glad to have you here. Pretty sure I offended a few other though, based on the lack of response, but what are you gonna do? If people are easily offended, this is like a mine field for them anyway.

      • Haha, thanks. I have to admit, I’m guilty at not responding to many awards and requests just because I don’t have the time. Now that school is back in full funk I have little time to sit down and write out what might be an hour long post.

      • I totally relate. After only 3 months into starting the blog, I was inactive on my blog for 10 months. 10 out of 12. Touring was my initial excuse, and then I just thought I had writer’s block. I didn’t though. i was just lazy.

        I promised myself that no matter what, I would post once a day this year. Even if it’s just a link to an old post that maybe didn’t get a lot of traffic, initially.

        I made some decisions at the beginning of this year, and focusing more on writing was one of them. I really don’t want to be 50 and still touring (it’s a while off still, but it will sneak up faster than I expect).

      • if you look at my history, I have long gaps since 2012 (when I started this blog). it isn’t until this year that I’ve dedicated so much time and patience (and occasionally blood) to my blogs. But I’m there with you, I don’t want to abandon my blog again, and especially lose over to my lazy side. I was in a serious funk last week and ended up lying on the couch for long periods of time, feeling completely lethargic and useless. I somehow managed to get myself functioning again and now even made a blogging schedule. I came up with a few serial posts that might spice things up as well.
        Best of luck, and let’s not become old grannies just yet! (That was redundant, I know.)

    • Better. A Cookie!!!!! 😀 I sent it via UPS so if it doesn’t arrive, it’s likely delivery was attempted at the exact moment you left the house for 3 minutes.

      Picture of Stabby, eh? THat can definitely be arranged 🙂

  1. No way would my beloved have agreed to that. Good for you and your undoubtedly awesome powers of persuasion.
    Why do I still have cravings for cake today?

    • He didn’t so much agree as he didn’t flat out say no way.
      Because you know you should eat cake to appease the zombie spirit of The Jesus.
      Here’s a picture of a semla.

      • Cake eaten. Not semla but, you know, it was still cake. All in the name of appeasement of The Jesus. And maybe just a bit also in the name of cake.

      • It’s mostly about the cake. Have a look in my Instagram photos to the left…. One of my colleagues brought a big box of semlor today 😀

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