Trees, Trees, Trees

I adore trees. I have quite a fascination with them. I’m constantly in awe of their beauty. Dead trees (Winter), dying trees (Autumn), blooming trees (Spring), twisted trees, old trees, trees covered in snow, fallen trees, bonsai trees. These are just a few of my absolute favorite photo and painting subjects.

Now as mentioned in my previous post in Art, Extremely Depressing Self-Portraits, I don’t claim to have any real skills as a painter. It’s just something I enjoy doing. So, without further ado, here’s some paintings I did. In case you weren’t paying attention, they are of trees.


So, this was my first tree attempt. I absolutely love using mixed mediums in all kinds of art projects. Here, I cut out some pieces of scrapbooking paper I had, gold gift wrapping ribbon for the stems of the flowers, and an actual piece of a picture I took of a gorgeous tree  outside of my apartment window, just as it was starting to bloom in spring.


More mixed media! Same gold ribbon and another photo from the same tree, this time with just a glimpse of the top of a bird house. Oh, and some gold crystal stars from the art supply store. Definite mixed feelings here, with the dead tree at night, in winter and the glimpse of spring on the horizon.


I really enjoy doing three piece canvas art. If you can see it with the intended depth perspective, imagine this is the scene outside of your window. We have the sun setting in the west behind a mountain ridge in the distance in Canvas one. Canvas two shows a tree a bit closer, perhaps just behind the wooden fence portrayed in canvas one. Notice the sky getting a bit darker, as well, but still a bit pink as the sun has just nearly gone down. The snow covered grass is actually torn up tweed rope that I glued to the canvas, and the gold gift wrapping ribbon makes another appearance as the center of the flowers. Imagine Canvas three being the tree directly in front of you, on our side of the fence. The sun has set in the eastern section of the sky. A gold glitter glue pen was used for the highlights.

Here’s individual shots of each canvas.

piece 1


piece 3

The next three pictures are quite obviously, all the same piece. It’s another three canvas project. The three pictures just show how much the lighting of the room effects the colors and feeling of the painting.




Anyway… next time you’re out, take the time to notice the trees. They really are absolutely stunning art subjects.

4 responses to “Trees, Trees, Trees

    • Thank you, so much! :-D.
      Aren’t trees the best? I have to usually take two walks in the day. One for the exercise, and one for the photographs. I get super distracted by the way they twist and bend. Stay tuned for some amazing tree photographs coming up this week, and thanks again for your comment 🙂

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