Photo Challenge Day 10: A Friend

Greetings, salutations, infestations and expectations, exalted ones.

Tonight was supposed to be dedicated to fulfilling my day late Sunday: Short-Long Stories of the Picture Poll obligation (ok, ok..I’ll stop rhyming) that I was unable to complete yesterday due to my environment.

But it appears we are at a draw. Two of the three photos are deadlocked. And this brings about a whole other dilemma as tomorrow is Tuesday, meaning that there should, theoretically, be another new poll tomorrow.

For reals, for reals you guys. I’m really at a loss here. AND today is a 2 day on my 5:2 diet meaning I don’t think I have enough brain power left to sort this all out right now as I’ve only consumed 300 calories today…

So here’s what we’ll do.

So far, approximately 30 of you have ‘liked’ the photo yet only 20 of you have voted, meaning SOMEONE isn’t actually READING the post, but just skimming down to the photos and hitting “like”.

I get it.

Reading is hard.

But, there also happens to be a pretty amazing story about a Swedish holiday where you have to eat cake or a Mexican guy called The Jesus comes back as a zombie and beats you with rice.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Or, you totally can to scare people into eating cake, and then you can sell it to the masses.

Either way, you should be eating cake.

So I need those of you who have NOT voted yet to run over there real quick (relax, there’s no actual running involved…just click the link when prompted) and vote for

which photo you want me to write a story about. ( <— there’s your prompt.)

Who knows, you may even learn a thing or two.

But it’s more likely you’ll just walk away more stupid than when we started.

Either way…. cake.

Back to the photo challenge at large. Today’s challenge is “A friend”.

As I’m fairly certain none of my friends would appreciate my posting pictures of them, I will instead, a la ‘Sweeney Todd’ (incidentally, one of my Johnny Depp tattoos), post you a picture of my weapons. The soundtrack includes a song called “My Friends” about his razors and how much he missed them while he was away and how now he’s home and they’re together and will kill people together and he’s glad that his razors waited for him and my swords are like my razors and therefore my friends, and none of that is weird. Shut up. I have swords and know how to use them.

fencing gear

8 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 10: A Friend

  1. Yaay, first to like the swordy weirdness. How about YOU pick a story? Time you get to waiting for folks to do the voting, it’ll been next week. You letting other folks control your destiny, girl? I think not. (plus, I need cake) Anyway, dismayed to learn about your 5:2 diet. C’mon….fasting is not good for the soul. Trust me. I am short and sturdy. I know whats right. 😀

    • And the only, it would seem… VERY strange.. hmmm….
      I have so many stories in my head. It’s best if I’m guided by someone other than the voices as to what you fine people may want to hear about.
      I’ll see what’s waiting for me tomorrow and decide from there.
      Regarding the 5:2 diet, the ONLY reason I’m trying it is because of the currently not smoking thing. I freaking LOVE food (and smoking) and become a right bitch when I’m hungry and can’t smoke to fool myself from it. Just ask Mr.P who got a good dose of it today, which resulted in a full on tickle match as he pointed out what an utter bitch I was due to hunger…

      I’m on week 6 now. Haven’t lost, but haven’t gained either, meaning it’s working as I should have gained weight from the not not quitting by now. I’ll give it a full two months before I decide if I’m going to bail on it. I need to see actual results, not just NOT gain anything in the absence of smokes. It’s definitely not enjoyable.

      Mr.P has lost 4.5kg in 5 weeks though, so it seems to be working there, as well.

  2. That diet thing is hard core! I’ve never been able to diet diet, though last year I was told to give up a pile of foods – mostly my favourites as it turned out – so my stomach would stop rebelling. It worked but now I feel like rebelling.

    Speaking of which, why don’t you pick the photo with the *least* votes!? Shake things up. Rebel! (That was rebel verb, not rebel noun…ah never mind; I guess it works either way).

    • I’m sure if I just gave up a pile of my favorite foods my stomach would be eternally grateful… but they’re so damn good!
      I have the 5:2 cookbook which actually offers a lot of great and fulfilling meals. It’s not a full on fast..just keeping it to 500 calories or less, 2 days a week. I’d enjoy it more if I saw results. I did South Beach7 years ago and within a week, saw results and started working out like crazy and lost 17 lbs in 5 months. I’ve managed to keep the weight off until last year (stupid aging metabolism). Now as a currently not smoking smoker, my metabolism is changing again and at a time when i am determined to drop 10 lbs by June.

      Anyway… yes, shaking things up may get people’s attention. Then they’ll be like, “Hey, that one got the LEAST amount of votes! I know, because I checked but didn’t vote.” And then I can be all like, “See what happens? That’s what you get! And also, I stole your shoes.”

      I read it as verb rebel, by the way and then read it as noun rebel and then became very confused trying to decide which one I liked best.
      I’ll have to get back to you.

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