Photo Challenge Day 3: Water

So, I’ve been informed by the lovely Elisse that I don’t need to follow the order of the photo subject on the corresponding day for this challenge and in fact, I don’t even need to post everyday if I don’t want to.

But to me, there’s no challenge in that. That can lead to all sorts of anarchy and chaos, and quite possibly nudity and the end of humanity. Although after reading people’s reactions to the Coke commercial aired on the Super Commercial Bruno Mars Chili Pepper Bowl last night, I’m not so sure that would be a bad thing. Humans need a reboot (check me out with the big computer words, huh? HUH? Did you guys see that??).

But that’s another blog post. A very, VERY angry blog post.

Where was I.

Oh yes.


I lived in Germany for a while and I’ll be damned if some of that good old-fashioned GERMAN EFFICIENCY AND ORDER (I have to write it in caps because that’s how they talk) didn’t rub off on me.

Call me crazy, but I’m a sort-of-kind-of-not-really-but-let’s-call-it-that traditional kind of gal who likes to do the challenge the way they’re written. That’s not to say that I can’t get all creative on your asses.

And with that.. I present to you today’s challenge: Water.


Guesses? Thoughts? Horror story ideas?

Also, this is my 100th post. Someone pop a bottle of the good stuff.

36 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 3: Water

  1. Looks like the Alien’s teeth to me. They were kinda slick-ish. We can do that Angry about everything post together on OBM.

    • Oh, Gratz on the 100th post! Looks like you and OBM are breaking records (we broke our previous views of 76 most views). We see where we end up tomorrow when the day is done ^^

    • Oooo! I’m down.
      And unfortunately, that is not the correct answer. I like the way you saw it, though!

      No…If I had access to alien teeth I’d asked to be beamed off this rock and join the search for intelligent life elsewhere and also introduce the Philly cheesesteak to the rest of the galaxy because they have no idea what they are missing. In fact, I think if we let the rest of the world try a Philly Cheesesteak, we could achieve peace on Earth.

      I want one.

      Geez, can you tell today is a 500 calorie day on my diet?

  2. Yeah, agreeing on the alien teeth look. But hey..teeth, brushing, clean, water…I get that its not *just* a glass of water. Very badass. I haven’t done any of these yet. I see her checking, but I have nothing as of this moment. 😦

    • But it is, Pixie… it’s just a glass of water 🙂
      And if I knew other computer words besides “reboot” I would upload that original photo here for you to see the big picture.
      But alas, I haven’t a clue how to do that.

      And who is the REAL badass here. Me, who needs to follow the rules, or you, who goes against the rules?
      Then again, the riles were not to follow the rules so maybe I’m the one that is the badass.
      My inner-German-voice is screaming, “NEIN!!!!”

    • 😀 I always knew I’d get to 100, but 108 will be like a dream come true. If I can make it to 108, then I can make it to 136 and THAT is when I will really feel like a blogger.

      • Normally, this is where I would bring in the hook to get you off stage, but for the sheer fact that you A.) started with ‘Oh my’, and ended it with a reply, which rhymes with ‘my’, and from the comment I just left on your page, you know I’m a sucker for rhymes, I’ll allow this one.

      • Again, I have written dozens or hundreds of lyrics and poems, and written songs for them, and written a visual kei rock opera, but… can’t pull the trigger.

      • I’m against guns, so let’s put this in sword terms. Parry, take control of his weapon, then kill.

        You seem to have a lot of open ended projects happening here. Your rhyming skills are sub par compared to your writing…focus on that for now. Once you complete one, the others will fall into place. Free your mind and the rest will follow. Also, if you build it they will come and these tracks are side by side. Sand people always ride single file to hide their numbers.

        All of this is sound advice.

      • That comment rhyming was doggerel, plus I try not to limit myself by having to rhyme. If a word rhymes, great, but if another word will work better, also great.

        I have a poetry blog. Scroll down a bit, look along the right side, and click on the elegant lady in the gown. Click on the Gazette there to go back to my namesake.

        I also have a Choose Your Own Adventure series. Depending on what you choose, there are about 14 different endings.

      • Regarding the poetry, I feel the same. Also why I opted for a haiku series rather than any other kind of poetry whether it be formatted or free form. Just not feeling it at this particular time. That might change in a year.

        I do, and always have enjoyed Eminem’s rhymes though. Have you heard Rap God? It’s soooo fast. That white boy got skills, yo.

        Also, I can recite almost all of the songs from all of the DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince albums. A skill set I possess that not many know about.

      • That is amazing, truly.

        Eminem. Not really been into him. He may be fast, and I’ve heard some things by him that made sense, and his flow is good, but… I don’t know. So is Pop Will Eat Itself, and 311, and Jurassic 5, and Sound Providers.

        No idea. I have songs in 10 different languages on my mp3 player, and tons of songs that I skip every time they come on.

      • Matter of taste. I dig 311, but Eminem is pretty talented.

        Since you can appreciate songs in different languages, maybe you’d appreciate the band that I manage. (Check the left side bar).

      • You little dickens – you’re a Secret Santa! You’ve put my blog on your left sidebar, and you’re the coolest kid in school. I’m flattered.

      • I have listened to Love Is The Devil – loved it – and Bloodsoaked Velvet and Necrologue and Goddess of the Ages – okay, I’m seeing the problem here. You should tell me what songs to listen to to break into this band. And I should do the same for you.

        Gazette: Filth In The Beauty, Before I Decay, Remember The Urge, Yoin, Mob 136 Bars, Kugutsue, Cockroach, Regret, No. 666, Naraku, Burial Applicant, Silly God Disco, good places to start. They get both poppier and harder, because they have songs in literally every rock genre, and many pop genres, and dubstep and electronica.

      • Check out the video for Fjära.
        I’ll have to check out these on the weekend, as well as your Blogger Idol submission, which I am DYING to hear 😀

      • You know, there was actually a Blogger Idol, and I was actually chosen for it out of like 300 people, and I was actually eliminated in the first round because I’m not a daddy blog.

        The name of the post is Hotspur Sings! (exclamation is part of the name)

        Okay, to Solstafir’s credit, I clicked on Goddess of the Ages and then went on to do other things, and thought it was okay, but I happened to be listening to a live version and couldn’t tell the difference. Good on them!

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