Photo Challenge Day 1: Fire

If you’ve read any of my blogs today (this is technically the fourth one in a 24 hour period), then you know I currently feel like crap. Feel free to read the previous couple of posts to find out what it is and how not to get it.
Seriously…never quit anything.

But I nearly forgot as I lie here in bed with my iPad ready to settle in for a cozy night with the Winchester boys on Netflix, I remembered.
I volunteered for a photo challenge this month!
I freaking love challenges and with the Zero To Hero cape now tied tight around my neck (Uh, yeah I sleep in it. Psh. What’d you think I would do? Amateurs), I couldn’t limit myself to a life without blogsticles. Yup. Totally just coined that.

Anyway, here’s the challenge.

Something else that I’ve just challenged myself to do is figure out how to use my iPad for a post, as I am currently confined in a bed full of tissues. I know, try to contain your excitement from the near porn scenario I’ve just set up.

So I didn’t take this photo today, and I promise to try my damnedest, circumstances permitting to take new photos everyday rather than use something on the device I happen to have in my hand at the moment, but I’m pressed for time as February 1st is officially over here in 23 minutes and counting.

So here’s a picture that I took 2 weeks ago on my iPad that I feel represents fire.

Any guesses as to what it is?


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