Three Photos 6-12/12-06

Sorry for not posting my Three Photos yesterday. Extended sword fighting lessons and an unexpected local concert happened.

Anyway, part six… The Swings. I’m super happy with this first one, in particular, as I somehow managed to get a seagull in flight in the top right corner. Unplanned timing.





6 responses to “Three Photos 6-12/12-06

    • Thanks Ghislaine! Yes, that’s also Mr.P’s favorite one. After lunatique’s comment, whose opinion I also value deeply, just like yours, I took a closer look and think that may also be my favorite too 🙂

  1. I think the thing with the forst one, although it is a good picture and I totally see your personal *yay* moment with the seagull, the sun is kind of taking away from the actual subjects being the people and the seagull.
    Also the light is a bit in the way, because of the tiny corner it takes off of the wheel and the two ones that are peeking into the fram but are not really there
    I think the bottom picture kind of has ‘perfect focus’ like a very strong focal point, even though not the whole wheel is in the picture, it has the movement and then the peaceful framing of the quiet city and sunset, in that way: perfect picture and totally worth framing!!!!!

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