Lost In Translation part un

Over the years I’ve seen the English language BUTCHERED during translation attempts. I’ve been documenting the debauchery when I have a chance. Here’s a few. Oh, and apologies for the picture quality. These were all taken on the fly with my old Blackberry that did not have the best life, and in turn, took crapy pics.

Image This is from a ladies room in Oulu, Finland. The whole thing is amazing, but the fine print reads: Toilet seat covers have produced by recycled fibre paper in EU and they disjunctives biologically


In Köln, Germany… WHAT? I can’t use my brand new giant wall laminator? Awwww!!!! Good luke!


This was in Dortmund, Germany. It used to be one of those cheap-o Dollarland, or Euroland if you will, type stores.Once upon a time, it read DVD’s starting at 1,99. I walked past this store so many times before they finally took down the sign, and always chuckled. I think what made it all the more funny, was that no one else knew what it meant…unless they were a native English speaker.


Ladies bathroom in Norway. Boobs and Ho… wasn’t hard to guess which one I had to use..oddly enough, the guys used this restroom all day as well.


Oslo, Norway. Yes please! One braised scank of lamb for me.


This would NEVER fly in the states or several other places, and I know 110% there is no malicious intent. In Germany, however, hip hop and rap are classified under “black music”. No joke. This particular record store took it a step further.


Again, this is not a “lost in translation” item, but rather a “could be misinterpreted in translation”. Schmucker Pils…bring one home for all the schmucks in your life.


The first sign I saw in Cancun, Mexico. Thak’s for you!


This was a biker bar in Berlin, Germany. I still don’t really understand.


I’m not sure what the presenter of this fine culinary masterpiece was going for or why they felt that we were incapable of peeling our own bananas. Maybe it was something like, “Hmmm, I really want to make an impact with this presentation.What goes with banana besides apple? Of course! Tomato and cucumber!!” This is the actual catering we receive sometimes on the road. Can you imagine the amount of fruit fly attention this baby got?


This is from an Australian themed restaurant in Dortmund, Germany. Seriously. If you’re going to put the name of the dish in English, please consult with a native speaker. Spinacy? PotatoE? Did Al Gore proof read this? (Just kidding Al… love ya!…but seriously you misspelled potato before.)


Yes! Good ol’ Aunt Wally!


 From a festival in Norway, backstage catering. “Excuse me salt…pepper… do you speak English?” Salt: “But of course! I’m multi-language salt!”
Have you seen any incredibly incorrect translations upon your travels or have any good stories about how something was lost in translation? I’d love to hear them!

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