Eureka! THAT’S what “Press This” means.

Gah. After hours and hours of trying to figure out where I was going wrong, Eureka! I’ve got it!  What was preventing my posts from going directly where I wanted them to? Why would one have to click through two pages to get to my actual full blog? After a mostly sleepless night and several puffs off of my electric cigarette, (**Mental note… don’t ever try to quit smoking and tackle hobbies that require computer skills. Remember: you have no computer skills**) I believe I have figured it out.

Where I was going so very wrong, and perhaps this will help other newbies going through a similar problem, was I was hitting “Press This” after every blog, and then writing a small summary of what the blog was about.  What would then happen, is you would see my update in your Reader or elsewhere on the Search page. You then decide you’re interested in the summary (of course you are), and you click the story title, or “read more”. That then takes you to my Home page where you see the same thing you just saw, but maybe less words. Then, you have to click “Read This Story” again. This takes you to the full synopsis of what you just read, and then, if you happen to even notice it, shows you where to link to the actual full story. 

You see, I thought “Press This”, meant “put this in the newsfeed so everyone can see what a fabulous writer I am, and like my posts and leave amazing comments” (hypothetically). But it doesn’t. It basically takes a direct cut and copy of links on the net. So what I was doing, was “pressing”, or copying and pasting, a link to my very own page where my blog was, and then reposting it so that you always had that “middle man” and that ever-so-time-consuming extra click. Ugh. Exhausting. I mean, sure it’s only 2 actual clicks, but I’m hip to the fact that people don’t have that kind of time.

well that's just great!

I also realized that what I thought I was using pages and categories for, was way, way off. Unfortunately for me, this now means I need to re-blog everything., because in the process of figuring it out, I cut out that middle man by deleting him, and now I am screwed. Here. Read this:

Yes, i realize I could have just “pressed” that. Baby steps, folks. I am absolutely thrilled of what I have managed to accomplish in 12 days.

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