7 Facts To Contemplate While I Continue To Work On My Next Masterpiece Post

The past two weeks have been insane. At one point when I woke up, I had 214 unread messages that needed attending to. That 214 did not include my “fun mails” that directly link me to my favorite web stores or inform me of how many miles I currently have on my Lufthansa account. No… all 214 of those emails were work related and it has been a steady flow of that for the past 16 days. This has left me very little time to work on finishing the masterpiece posts I have started for you.

The good news, is that the pre-production part of the work is nearly done, which means, it’s business as usual after that and better time management, so get ready my dear readers as you are in for some serious gems starting with the Top 5 Most Ridiculous Questions Ever Asked at the Merchandise Stand, as per request on my Facebook page.

I don’t want you to forget about me during the lull, which is why there have been some more photo posts than usual. I realize for those of you who are not here for my amateur photographer skills though, there may be a void that some pretty pictures just can’t fill. You’re missing that, what the French call a certain “I don’t know what”.

So to fill that empty hole, I present to you 7 bone fide facts.

Let me know how it turns out.

7 facts

9 responses to “7 Facts To Contemplate While I Continue To Work On My Next Masterpiece Post

    • Impressive! I am one of those people that starts reading a book and then about a chapter in, jumps to the last page and reads it. Let’s just say patience is not a virtue that comes easily to me. This got me instantly, haha.

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