I am smitten…

My friend F, yes the famous F of the Fencing blog, posted an amazing photo on facebook today and I was instantly in love.


Faithful readers and passers-by of Planet Blog, allow me to introduce to you my latest obsession. The art work of this guy, Tony Sandoval. I haven’t been able to get too much info on him, but I found this link  that seems to be his blog. That, along with his facebook page have consumed quite a bit of my time. I have been staring at his work on and off all day and get incredible inspiration when I do.

I love the incredibly dark, mixed with the blatantly innocent feel in certain art work. Two of my all time favorite artists are Mark Ryden and Brian Froud. Many of my tattoos and my own works are inspired by this kind of art. Of course, I can’t let this blog go without mentioning the genius of Tim Burton.

Anyway, discovering a new artist to consume my eyeballs and imagination is always a good day in my book.

2 responses to “I am smitten…

  1. Great art indeed! Yes, not many samples following the link, but more picture on his FB page. A good discovery.

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