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Bohemian Playground

I often get a lot of looks, particularly in the summertime, depending on where I happen to be in the world. You see, I’m heavily tattooed and have several visible piercings, although several less than I did a few years ago. You would think, in today’s culture, this would be a bit more socially accepted with shows like “The Osbournes”, “Miami Ink”, “LA Ink”, “Ink Master”, etc. gracing the homes of most human beings via that big box with the tubes that magically produces moving pictures. We call it a television. Not only are these shows out there, they are HITS and people watch at the edge of their seats and learn that people who have tattoos aren’t all satan worshipers (most are, to be fair) who sacrifice small babies every other Saturday, and the cutest of all the kittens on Wednesdays. In fact, this movement has encouraged “the normal”…

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