Unexpected drive through The Alps

During my last tour, we had several bus breakdowns. I tour with bands from around the world…ummm.. well… around the world. Sometimes, things go smoothly, but most of the times they don’t. This is often times, through no one’s direct fault. Sometimes, life just happens and busses break down.

I will delve more into detail about these adventures in the “Random Tales” section of my blog. But for now, we won’t discuss the inconvenience of 16 people packing their belongings in a 5 minute span of time before completely cross loading an entire tour production’s worth of gear to a vehicle half the size. We won’t talk about how when this happens (3 times in 10 days,but who’s counting), sometimes we have to cancel shows and the fans suffer. Or sometimes due to this schedule, we only get 2 hours sleep and work 17 hour days. No folks, this section is about photography.

Because of the job I have on the road, I’m not often afforded the luxury of sightseeing. In fact, most times, all I get to see is the parking lot and the inside of the venue. But this time… this unfortunate turn of events led to one of the most beautiful, scenic rides I have had the pleasure of taking.

The following pictures were taken with my iPad from a moving passenger bus on our way through The Alps between Italy and France. I hope you enjoy them. Click on a picture for a larger image, or if you prefer, there’s a handy slideshow for you at the bottom of the page.


Unexpected Drive Through The AlpsphotophotophotophotophotophotophotophotophotophotophotophotoIMG_0290IMG_0291Just another day at the office.

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