The 36 Second T-Shirt Pimp-out

**Originally posted in Bohemian Playground, my hippy blog. Currently revamping and transferring between these two blogs.**

Finally. FINALLY, the NHL lockout is finished. My beloved Philadelphia Flyers kicked off opening weekend with not one, but two losses.** This pains me deeply, but not as much as not having NHL for the past 4 months. It’s hard enough to wait between the Stanley Cup and regular season, let alone an extra 4 months of negotiating.

(**they have since, found their groove and are now 2-3-0. It’s a start!)

While I love hockey.. I mean, I LOVE hockey, unfortunately my team’s colors aren’t the most versatile. That didn’t stop me from getting their logo tattooed on me though.


So as a fashion conscious gal, it’s hard to find new creative ways to pimp out my hockey shirts every year. I have two Flyers jerseys that I could actually fit a team member (Kimmo Timonen, or Scott Hartnell preferably) in there with me. Even a men’s size small jersey is ginormous on me. Sure, I have some girlie Flyers shirts, but often times, the men’s shirts are the coolest ones. This goes for band shirts often times as well.

Now what I’m going to present to you is in no way, shape or form anything new or brilliant. It’s actually, the simplest way to spice up your wardrobe. So simple and obvious, that it’s possible there may be one or two of you who, although you have the tools, have never thought of this. Probably not… like I said, this is far from brain surgery or a new idea. Nonetheless, here is a 36 second way to pimp out that men’s t-shirt you bought because you loved it so much and now use it to sleep in, or maybe just your boyfriend’s or hubby’s t-shirt that you’ve been eyeing and wish came in your size.

Last year for my birthday, my best friend and her guy bought me one of the “Hartnell Down” t-shirts I had been lusting after. These are only available in men’s sizes (of course) and at the time of purchase, men’s medium was the smallest available. I have been patiently waiting for the NHL to cease and desist with the long drawn out negotiations, so we could get down to some hockey and I can finally wear this shirt.

Here it is… so simple.


  • Scissors
  • T-shirt you wish to cut


Here’s my Medium size men’s Hartnell Down shirt that, for casual wear, I would throw on with a pair of jeans and Converse. However, this is how I dress for work, so I’m one of the rare exceptions that likes to get a little more dressed up when I’m not working, as opposed to the majority of people who can’t wait to throw this look on, after work or on the weekends.


After you’ve decided on the t-shirt, lay it on the floor, and cut the collar off. Seriously. That’s it. Just, cut it off. How much you cut, is up to your own creative genius. If you want it low off the shoulders, cut more. If you want it less off the shoulders, cut less. Honestly, this is it.


Now, what you’re left with, is that useless piece up there. Go ahead and trash that useless, restricting neckline and start styling. Here’s some examples of how I would style this shirt. It’s fair to mention right now, that I am a layering addict.


Here, you can add a simple thick piece of lace ribbon around the waist as a basic belt (or skip it if you’re going to be munching on snacks and beer… who needs that restriction, right?) and  long, gaudy pearl necklace that you can tie or double wrap.


For this one, I folded the t-shirt up a bit. This part, is of course, a personal preference as to how much cutting you want to do. I chose to leave a bit of length on this shirt, but you could easily, crop off the bottom of the shirt for a more “cut off shirt” look. The 80′s are still back, right? For this one, to go really funky, get a pair of men’s striped tube socks (or kid’ socks if you have small wrists). Cut off the top where the stripes are, and use these as wristbands. It mixes the feminine side of you with the (hypothetical) badass Philadelphia fan in you. High, messy ponytail for this one as well.


This goes back to the casual look. Jeans are back in the picture again, but the biker boots are in and the Converse are ditched. Also incorporated, one of my staple layering pieces from Free People . (Unfortunately, it’s no longer available, but check out their Intimates section for great, girlie layering slips.) Basically, this is just dressed up with a lacy, sexy slip under the pimped out t-shirt, to soften up a tougher look. Hair down for this look, a bright coral lipstick, and lots of silver bangles.

As mentioned, this is the 36 second way to pimp out the shirt. You can go anywhere from here. I actually overestimated the cut in the  shoulders a little , so I will be stitching the sides up a little, with a criss cross, white lacy ribbon stitch. If you have a sewing machine, your possibilities are endless. Be creative… it’s fashion. Own your style, and work it!

Here’s how I rocked it for game two.. clearly, this is not a lucky shirt, but it has at least been officially pimped.


Let’s Go Flyers!!!!

2 responses to “The 36 Second T-Shirt Pimp-out

  1. The 36 second T shirt pimp-out is right up my alley as about 75% of my total wardbrobe consists of T shirts. I work in an office setting where I am required to wear dress pants and button up shirts and yet most of what I own is merch. That leaves me with only about 6 outfit choices for my work week. I really need to go shopping for clothes but I will still continue to be most comfortable in a T. Very creative use of yours!

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